Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 2010 Newsletter

Elaine King,
Director of Education

On behalf of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Community, I would like to welcome you to the 2010-2011 school year; one that will prove to be most rewarding. A very special welcome is extended to our new families. We look forward to meeting and working with all of our students and their families.


It is my pleasure to welcome Mme. Anne Noseworthy, Mlle. Nicole Robertson, Mr. Greg Taaffe, Mrs. Tina Arklie and Ms. Lana King to our Staff. The following is the 2010 I.H.M.S. Staff:

Mrs. Tina Arlie – JK
Ms. Tara Crocker – JK
Mrs. Barbara Dicks – JK
Mrs. Madonna English – JK
Ms. Lana King – JK
Mrs. Lesa Vincent – JK
Mrs. Stephanie Hodder – Kindergarten (English)
Mme. Anne Noseworthy – Kindergarten (French Immersion)
Mlle. Nicole Robertson – Intern for Kindergarten French Immersion
Mrs. Jackie George – Grade 1
Ms. Krista Park – Grade 2
Ms. Lindsay Dutton – Grade 3-4 Homeroom, Phys. Ed and French
Mrs. Angel McCarthy – Grade 5-6 Homeroom, Language Arts, Religion and Enrichment
Mr. Ron Hancock – Junior High Homeroom, Science, Technology and Enrichment
Mr. Gary Graham – Music
Mrs. Alison McHugh – Band, Language Arts
Mr. Greg Taaffe – Math (Grades 3-9)
Mr. Dennis Kennedy – Facility Caretaker
Mrs. Dianne Kennedy – Director of Administration
Mrs. Elaine King – Director of Education, Junior High French

Junior Kindergarten: We have once again expanded our Junior Kindergarten Program to forty children. Our program consists of 3 classes; two classes of 16 and one class of 8.

French Immersion: This year is the first year for our school to facilitate French Immersion. Our French Immersion Class is located on the Main level next to the Staff Room.

Offices: Our offices and Staff Room have located to the main level. We hope the new location of our offices proves to be more accessible and convenient for our families.

Summer Maintenance: Our maintenance over the summer months was quite extensive. All classrooms and the gymnasium were painted, cleaned thoroughly and all floors were stripped and waxed. We are very committed to providing our students an environment which is conducive to learning.

Band Room: Our Band Room is now located on the top floor. It is in the former upstairs Lunch Room.

Cafeteria Services: Students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 will eat in the Cafeteria which is located on the main level. The Junior High Students have the option of eating in their classroom or in the cafeteria. The Junior Kindergarten children will eat in their classroom. All students will be able to avail of services from the cafeteria.

Until the cafeteria services begin, the school will sell pizza on Friday and hot dogs on Monday. More information will follow.

Allergies: Our school is a peanut and scent free school due to the sensitivities of some of our students and staff.

School Calendar: The monthly calendar is a very important communication tool that will outline the specific month’s events. Please keep this calendar in a highly visible area as we would not want your child (children) nor you to miss any events. The September calendar will be distributed to your child on Tuesday, September 7th ( Kindergarten to Grade 9) and on Wednesday, September 8th (Junior Kindergarten Classes).

Monthly Staff Meetings: Our Monthly Staff Meetings will take place this year at the end of the school day. Therefore, there will be no interruption to the regular school day nor to the After-school Program.

Important Dates:

September 7th: 1:00 p.m. Orientation Session in our Gymnasium for K-9 Students

September 8th: 12:30 p.m. Orientation Session in our gymnasium for the JK Classes

September 10th: Parents, family members and friends are invited to join us at our School