Friday, September 24, 2010

Lion's Roar - Friday, September 24, 2010

This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion’s Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, September 24, 2010.

By: MacKenzie Brothers, Abigail Companion, Douglas MacKenzie, Hannah Sparkes, Bethany Whelan

IHMS Teacher vs. Student soccer game last week for National Sports Week.

The school breakfast program started on Monday. We are so happy to see all the students enjoying a yummy breakfast.

The Student Leadership Council elections began on Monday. Carla du Toit and Sarah Yetman have been elected Co-Presidents. The Vice-President is Sarah Keeping. Congratulations to you all.

The grade five and six class has participated in a forestry day at Margaret Bowater Park on Monday. Thank you to Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. McCarthy, Mr. Hancock, and Mrs. King who drove the students. This event was for National Forestry week. Thank you for a great time.

The soccer intramurals has started and everybody seems to love soccer.

There was a curriculum night for parents on Thursday night. Also, Thursday was our school’s eleventh birthday celebration and theme day. Everyone dressed up for the theme 11. The grade 5 and 6 class wrote an acrostic poem to celebrate and everyone had cupcakes and milk.

Class News

The Junior Kindergarten classes are learning the letter A and the number 1. They went on a nature walk on Wednesday. They are also excited about their new water table.

The Kindergarten class is learning about sorting in math. They are also learning about family in social studies.

The French Immersion Kindergarten class is learning songs in French. They are learning how to write their letters and how to count in French.

The grade one class is learning about patterns in math and made pattern necklaces. They had their first spelling test this week. They loved the theme day so much.

The grade two class is learning about time lines. They went on a trip to Colemans. They enjoyed the soccer games this week. They welcome, Madison Copp a new student to their class.

The grade three and four class is learning about Terry Fox. They are learning about patterns in math and birthdays in French. They went on a nutrition tour at Colemans last Friday. They really enjoyed their loot bags.

The grade five and six class had a great time on their field trip. They are very excited to welcome the new mini-reporters. The new grade five class is writing the newspaper articles and the grade six’s are acting as leaders. Great job everyone!

The junior high class are having a math test next week. They are busy preparing for the Skills Canada Intermediate Challenge in November. They are excited to explore new skill areas like job interview skills, workplace safety, job skill demonstration and prepared speech.

Coming Up

The Terry Fox walk is on September 30th. We are accepting open donations.

Vegetable orders are due October 1st.

The mini-reporters are celebrating IHMS birthday and enjoying awesome cupcakes. Got milk?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lion's Roar - Friday, September 17, 2010

This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion’s Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, September 17, 2010.

By: Abigail Companion, Aaron Hancock, Nicole Keeping and Jenna Yetman

Olivia Park (right) a grade 4 student and Anna MacKenzie a grade 3 student sharing a hug during the first day of school.
Welcome back students and families. We hope you are all ready to enjoy a new year of school. We have some new teachers to welcome to our school this year. Mrs. Tina Arklie and Ms. Lana King both work with our Junior Kindergarten students. As well, Mrs. Barbara Dicks is now working full time with the Junior Kindergarten classes. Mme. Noseworthy is our new French Immersion Kindergarten teacher and her intern is Mlle. Nikki Robertson. Also, Mr. Greg Taaffe is teaching grades 3 to 9 math.

Over the summer Mr. Kennedy did a lot of work getting our school ready for September. He did a very good job! We have a new band room, a new French immersion kindergarten room, a new office and a new staff room. Also, thank you to Ms. Heather Sweetapple who worked in our office helping Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. King over the summer.

Mrs. Agnes Neville will be running our school lunch program this year. Thank you for the yummy cinnamon rolls she made for everyone last week.

Last Friday we had our school opening mass. Thank you to Bishop Crosby and Monsignor Gale who made it extra special. Also thank you to Mr. Graham for playing the organ.

The school was closed on Monday because there was no water. We hope you enjoyed your extra holiday!

On Tuesday we had a sports theme day and we had a banner presentation ceremony for a Platinum Award for Quality Physical Education we got last year. Congratulations to Ms. Dutton for all her hard work. We also had a students vs. staff soccer game and we all played awesome. Soccer intramurals has begun and will run every Tuesday Thursday during September.

This week we have a new student intern in our office named Kayla Simmonds who will be with our school for 26 weeks.

Stars of the Week

Welcome back to Carla du Toit and Jenna Yetman who represented our school in Washington at the People to People Leadership Conference.

Patrick Davis traveled to St. John’s this weekend to participate in the Invitational Pee Wee Tournament. His team played very well.

Congratulations to Aaron Hancock who won the school draw from Cycle Solutions.

Class News

The Junior Kindergarten classes are learning about apples. They are excited to be in school for the first time.

The Kindergarten class is learning the classroom rules and all about patterns. They welcome to our school four new students: Makayla Ianni, Summer Ingram, William O’Flaherty, and Heather Cooper.

The French Immersion Kindergarten class is enjoying learning all kinds of French words and singing songs with Mme Noseworthy and Mlle. Robertson. The class welcomes new students Lauren Davis and Ben Hamilton.

The grade one class is welcoming two new students to their class Michael Sheppard and Noah Colbourne. They are learning about apples and will soon have a taste test.

The grade two class welcomes Chole Colbourne to their class. They are learning about patterns in math.

The grade three and four class is learning about patterns in math and writing about themselves in language arts. They really enjoyed the soccer game. They have three new students this year Cheyenne Bursey, Hailey Colbourne and Keagan Sheppard.

The grade five and six class got a new cage for their gerbil Lunch called Habitrail Suite. They are learning about collages and made one in art about their favourite season. They welcome to their class this year William Murphy-Goodridge and Bethany Whelan.

The Junior High class has a new student named Zubia Mahmood. They are learning about the geography of Canada and latitude and longitude in social studies. In enrichment they are working on teambuilding in groups. On Wednesday they worked together to build something to protect an egg from breaking when it is dropped.

Coming Up

Cafeteria services begin on Monday. After school program and breakfast program also start on Monday.

Student Leadership Council elections begin next week.

Thursday, September 23 is our curriculum night.

The mini-reporters are back again for another exciting year of news!