Friday, February 1, 2013

Lion's Roar - Friday, February 1, 2013

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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion's Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, February 1, 2013.

By: Alex Williams, Hailey Colbourne and Olivia Park

The Grade 3/4 class enjoy cross country skiing this past week at Blowmedown Ski Club

The Junior High students enjoy an afternoon of skiing at Marble Mountain


Students and staff of Immaculate Heart of Mary School have been enjoying the winter season. Many classes have taken to the outdoors, sliding, and skiing!

We would like to congratulate Caylie Blake who won a gold medal in the Juvenile Women Under 11 Category and to Anna Brake who won a bronze medal in that same category. The girls competed in the Divisional Figure Skating Competition in Gander this past weekend.

Congratulations are also extended to Sam Antle whose Atom All-Star Hockey Team won a gold medal at the Mt. Peyton Atom All Star Tournament held in Grand Falls this past weekend.

Congratulations are extended to Gina Spencer, Hannah Sparkes, and Charlotte Sweetapple on their performance in the Dance Studio West’s production of Snow White last weekend.

We would like to thank our students and families for the wonderful response to our Penny Drive. Due to this wonderful response, we are continuing this Drive. Many thanks!

The casual day on Thursday was in aid of our Green House Project.

Mrs. George and Ms. Park participated in a training session this week for Mathletics. They are very excited to be using this with their students.

Today Lifetouch Photography did a Spring Shout session with our students.

February Month is Violence Prevention Month.

Miss Payne’s Grade 3/4 class had a great time cross country skiing this week. This 4 week program is part of the Phys. Ed. Program.

The Grade 7- Level I Report Cards will be distributed on Wednesday, February 7th. Also, on Wednesday morning Mrs. Hodder’s Kgt. English class and Mme. Pérez Diaz class will be participating in the annual Western Memorial Orientation Session. They will get to see all kinds of interesting things!

Class News

The Junior Kindergarten: These students are Ice Cube painting this week. They are also learning about shadows and ground activities. Samual Buckle broke his first board in Tae Kwando this past week, Congratulations!

Mrs. Hodder’s English Kindergarten class: These students enjoyed making groups of 4 in Math. In Language Arts they are looking at the letter S and in Science they are learning about habitats and the wild.

Mme. Pérez-Diaz’s French Immersion Kindergarten class: This week, the students are learning new winter words in French and new songs. We are learning about family trees in Social Studies. One of our students, Alex King, broke his very first board in Karate on January 26th. Bravo Alex!

Mme. Mondoux’s Grade One and Two French Immersion class: This week the students are learning about consumers and producers in Grade 2 Social Studies. They are researching how to make homemade soap for next week.

Mrs. George’s Grade One English class: In Grade 1 the students are excited to have started Mathletics online this week. They are beginning book chats on Monday.

Ms. Park’s Grade Two class: The students in the class are happy to welcome their new classmate, Aria Kazerouni. These students are learning about needs and wants in Social Studies.

Ms. Payne’s Grade Three and Four class: In Grade 3/4 the students had great weather for skiing on Tuesday. The students thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. The grade 3 class has successfully started building bridges and houses with popsicle sticks in Science. The grade 4 Math class will soon be ready for a test on data and relationships.

Ms. Neary’s Grade Five and Six class: The Grade 5/6 class is writing short stories for the TD Book writing competition. The Grade 6 class was excited to present their movie, “Caution Sign Mira,” to the school. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their movie. They would like to wish a happy birthday to Hailey Colbourne.

Mr. Hancock’s Junior High class: These students enjoyed their last day of skiing on Wednesday. The Grade 9 class is learning about migration and immigration in Social Studies. Next week they will begin to build their bridges for the Building the Bridge Competition.