Friday, April 19, 2013

Lion's Roar - Friday, April 19, 2013

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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion's Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, April 19, 2013.

By: Mira Ismail, Brooklynn Companion, Hailey Colbourne, and Olivia Park

Fares Azouni, Gavin Staples, Max Antle are shown next to the object they created by joining materials in Science class.
Spring is in the air and students and staff of Immaculate Heart of Mary School are enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather.  
Congratulations are in order for director Miss Neary and the cast of “Oh, What a Tangled Web,” Hajra Ahmad, Nathan Anderson, MacKenzie Brothers, Arshia Kazerouni, Doulas MacKenzie, Claire Reynolds, Maria Reynolds, Hannah Sparkes, as well as our Tech Crew Will Goodridge, and Mr. Hancock. Thank you to Zubia Mahmood who did work backstage. The drama group would like to thank Stan Dawe who donated doors for the set and Mr. Chris Brothers of Century 21 who supplied the van to transport the set, and TNL for donating costumes.  
Congratulations are extended to Caylie Blake, a member of the Silver Blades Figure Skating Club, who won a silver medal at the Skate Alantica Championship in Halifax this past weekend.  
On Saturday evening Silver Blades Figure Skating Club will be hosting its year end ice show. Many of our students will be involved with this show and they are so excited to be skating with Kaetlyn Osmond, Mathew and Alexandra Young.   
We would like to thank The Knights of Columbus who donated $500 to our Model Greenhouse and who also donated soccer balls to our school.  
There will be a parent information session on Wednesday, April 24th at 7:00p.m. This will be for any parent whose child will be enrolled in our Junior Kindergarten Program or full day English or French Immersion Kindergarten Program in September 2013. For all other registrations, please contact the office.  
On Monday, we will be celebrating Earth Day with many activities to recognize the importance of protecting our Earth. Rhea Hutchings from the City of Corner Brook will be presenting    environmental sessions to our students.      
Class News   

The Junior Kindergarten: The children would like to thank Cory Conrad, Produce Manager from Colemans at the Gardens and employee, Dorothy Gardner, visited Mrs. Ellsworth and Miss Hickey’s class on Tuesday and did a fantastic nutritional session. The J.K.’s are doing spring activities and recognizing their ABC’s.
 Mrs. Hodder’s English Kindergarten class: These students are learning about thunder in Science and generations in Social Studies. In Math we are learning about length.     
Mme. Pérez-Diaz’s French Immersion Kindergarten class: This week, the students are comparing sizes of objects in Math and talking about life cycles in Science. They would like to welcome William Turnbull to their class.      
Mme. Mondoux’s Grade One and Two French Immersion class: This week the students are finishing their Math unit of numbers up to 100.  They are learning about bones in Health.    
Mrs. George’s Grade One English class: In Grade 1 the students are writing acrostic poems about spring. They are learning about structures in Science. In Religion class, they are decorating a “New Life/Easter” tree.
Ms. Park’s Grade Two class: The students in this class are doing a book study on “Where the Wild Things Are.” In Science they are learning about what makes matter change. This week their star student is Heather.    
Ms. Payne’s Grade Three and Four Class: In Grade 3/4 the students will be painting a pillow case with images that represent Newfoundland’s heritage, culture, and tradition.    
Ms. Neary’s Grade Five and Six Class: These students have been busy preparing for the upcoming Speak-Off in May, and the upcoming Heritage Fair.    
Mr. Hancock’s Junior High Class: These students are preparing for the upcoming All Science Challenge at the Grenfell Campus. They really loved performing their play last Friday at the Regional Drama Festival.