Friday, February 21, 2014

Lion's Roar - Friday, February 21, 2014


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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion's Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, February 21, 2014.

By: Cheyenne Bursey, Madison Noel, Max Chrappa, Jack Ryan, and William Bruce-Robertson


Mme. Ryan's Grade 1 French Immersion class with their 100 day masks and collections. (L-R): Summer Gale, Craig Bishop, Abigail Tiller, and Alex King.

Students in Ms. Park's grade 2 class wearing their 100th day t-shirts Back (L-R): Cole Boyd-Martin, Cohen Mackey, Jorja Perrett, Sadie MacDonnell, Front (L-R): Abigail Woodford and Max Antle.
We hope that everyone enjoyed the extra-long weekend because of the snow storms.  The provincial basketball tournaments were cancelled last week because of the weather.
This week we welcome Ms. Jessi Martin who is a new staff member in our Junior Kindergarten program.  Also, we welcome an early childhood education student from the College of the North Atlantic, Tara Tiller, who is doing a work placement with our school.
Our school was a winner in the MMSB Recycle My Cell Campaign! Way to go IHMS. Thank you to all the students and families who brought in used cell phones.
On Tuesday we celebrated Valentine’s Day by wearing red, white and pink. Many classes had parties and exchanged Valentines.
We celebrated the 100th of school on Wednesday! The primary students dressed up for the 100th day theme and the elementary and junior high students dressed to support our Olympic athletes. All the students and staff watched Katelyn Osmond’s short program through our media centre and Smartboards. All of our classes have been doing Olympic theme activities in gym!
Our skating day has been moved to next Tuesday.
Our Scholastic book fair family night will be next Wednesday night from 6 to 8 pm.
This week our ITV News reporters are: Cheynne Bursey. Chenoah Park, and Colin Spencer. 
Stars of The Week
We would like to congratulate Katelyn Osmond on her performance on Wednesday during her short program at the Sochi Winter Olympics!

Congratulations to Keely Brothers who placed 9th overall in the provincial Frosty Flip gymnastics competition in St. John’s last weekend. Awesome!

Class News
The junior kindergarten classes made fruit loop 100th day necklaces and headbands. For the rest of the week they have been focusing on Olympic activities.

Mme. Brake’s Kindergarten French Immersion class is 100 days smarter. They celebrated the 100th day with games, cupcakes, and made self-portraits of what they will look like in 100 years with cotton balls for hair.

Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class took part in 100th day activities and celebrated Valentine’s Day this week. They are excited to watch their plants continue to grow.

Ms. Parsons’s Kindergarten English class celebrated Valentine’s Day on Tuesday and the 100th day on Wednesday. They are learning all about the number 100 and taking part in lots of activities. They are wishing Jesse Racicot a very happy 6th birthday!

Mme. Ryan’s grade one French Immersion class was very excited about the 100th day of school. They had their 100th day masks ready. They also shared the 100th day collections they worked on as part of a math activity. They are beginning their fifth math unit which just happened to be about the number 100!

Mrs. George’s grade one English class had lots of fun on the 100th day of school! They have shared their 100 collections, wrote about what they’d like to do before they turn 100, and made self-portraits of themselves at 100 years old. They also shined pennies using ketchup in science class. They are really excited to visit the city library today.

Ms. Park’s grade two class were very excited to wear their 100th day t-shirts on Wednesday. They are very excited about their visit to the public library today! The star of the week is Jorja.

Mme. LaChance’s grade two and three French Immersion class have been following our Olympic athletes since the beginning of the Olympics. During the games they have been making paper medals for each athlete who has won a medal. They also shared their medal information with other classes in presentations. During the winter games what colours are used the most in class? Gold, silver and bronze of course!

Mrs. Foley’s grade three and four class celebrated Valentine’s Day on Tuesday with sundae’s and had personalized cakes. On Wednesday they had an Olympic theme day and dressed in patriotic colours. In math the grade 3 students have begun 3D geometry and are creating 3D figures from nets. It is quite challenging!

Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class had a lot of fun doing Olympic theme activities in gym class. The grade 5 class did a chocolate taste test on Wednesday to determine their favourite kind of chocolate bar as part of their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory novel study. It was a delicious class! The grade 6 students are learning some study and research strategies in language arts.
Mr. Drew Nadon’s junior high and level 1 class is working on an analysis unit in math. They helped to build an Olympic snow sculpture outside last week with the grade 5 and 6 class. They are busy planning their play for the regional drama festival and building their popsicle stick bridges.
Coming Up
Our school will go skating on February 25 at 9:30 am.