Friday, May 16, 2014

Lion's Roar - Friday, May 16, 2014


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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion's Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, May 16, 2014.

By: Sam Antle, William Bruce-Robertson, Emma Doman, Jayden Lempriere, Gina Spencer 

 Gina Spencer (right) with teacher, Angel McCarthy, displays the plaque she received as the winner of the IHMS annual Elementary Speak Off. Gina spoke about classical music.

Rebecca Janes, Jenna Cammie and Reyd Ward display the bags they made in sewing club for Mother's Day.
Mira Ismail, Douglas MacKenzie, Maria Reynolds, and Nicolas Moreno gold medalists in the Let's Talk Science Challenge" held at Grenfell Campus last week.

Iker Aguirre, Sara Ismail and Alejandra Hernandez bronze medalists in the "Let's Talk Science Challenge" at Grenfell Campus last week.

The girls’ indoor soccer tournament was last weekend at Sacred Heart School. They did well. Good job, girls! Thank you to the coaches Mr. Drew Nadon and Mr. Ryley Nadon. The boys’ indoor soccer team has begun practicing for their upcoming tournament.

This week the Student Leadership Council was collecting items to make themed baskets for a Janeway fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who donated. The baskets will be put together and tickets will go on sale on May 20.

Our school was nominated for the Environmental Stewardship Award at the City of Corner Brook Annual Awards Ceremony. Mrs. King and Madison Noel attended for our school.

On Wednesday the junior high class had a presentation with Maddison Canning, Regional Director of Youth Ventures. We hope they learned a lot about starting up their own business.

Our ITV news reporters for this week are:  Ryan Bennett , Makenzy Bishop, Clare Coleman, and Sara Ismail.

We would like to congratulate Chantal Davis who works with our afterschool program and Edmund Walsh who volunteers with the prayer group for their convocation from Grenfell Campus last week!

This weekend is a long weekend. We are excited to celebrate the Queen’s birthday on Victoria Day. Have a wonderful Victoria Day weekend, everyone!

Stars Of The Week
We would like to congratulate our junior high students who attended the “Lets Talk Science Challenge” at Grenfell Campus last Thursday.  Mira Ismail, Douglas Mackenzie, Nico Moreno, and Maria Reynolds won the gold medal and Iker Aguirre, Aléjandra Hernandez, Sara Ismail won bronze.
Congratulations to Abigail Tiller’s bowling team the “Chocolate Rolos” on winning a bronze medal. Also to Abigail and her uncle Troy who won the Twosome Bowling Competition.
Congratulations to hockey medalists Isaac Buckingham, Carter Bromley, Natalie Caines, Caleb Rashleigh, Saleem Obeid, Mark Janes, Alister MacDonnell, Kate Lombard, Yazan Ismail, Coen Mackey, and Jesse Racicot.
Congratulations to Ivor Cook on his recent skiing medal.
Class News

The junior kindergarten classes are learning about subtraction and letter sounds. They would like to thank Jessi Marten who donated a clothes rack to their classrooms.

Mme. Brake’s Kindergarten French Immersion class is sending out a big thank you to Sherry Dean for teaching them about hand washing. They are learning about germs and will be doing some research and experiments on germs for the upcoming science fair.

Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class is learning about transportation in social studies. In math they are learning about time and money. They are all looking forward to the long weekend.

Ms. Parsons’s Kindergarten English class is learning about time and measurement this week in math. They are creating timelines in social studies about their lives. They have been spending some extra time outdoors and taking advantage of the spring weather. In science they have just finished learning about the water cycle.

Mme. Ryan’s grade one French Immersion class is very excited that their caterpillars will be here in the next few days. They are starting their final science unit about living things. Lots of the seeds that they planted are starting to sprout seeds. Their little pumpkin plants are ready for the greenhouse. They planted the seeds from the pumpkin they had for Halloween.

Mrs. George’s grade one English class read the centuries old folktale “Stone Soup” this week. Today they are making their very own stone soup today. They will be adding some beans from their classroom! In science we are learning about the things that people do.

Ms. Park’s grade two class is learning about simple machines in science. In math they are learning about subtraction with re-grouping using base ten blocks. The student of the week is Kira!

Mme. LaChance’s grade two and three French Immersion class wrote calligrammes for their poetry unit. It is a special type of poem where the words are drawn into a shape. For example if they wrote about rain and umbrellas they may make the words shaped into an umbrella. To decorate their classroom they created birds to fly around the classroom.

Mrs. Foley’s grade three and four class participated in the ACAP Humber Arms spring poster contest. They learned about invasive species and their impact on the environment. The grade 3’s finished their unit on Charlotte’s Web and got to watch the movie version to make comparisons to the book. Their classroom garden continues to grow. They have plenty of salad greens and are patiently waiting tomatoes as their plants are finally flowering.

Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class are enjoying the nice spring weather. The grade 5 students are working on division and multiplication in math class. They are reading Ticket to Curlew about early settlers in Alberta. The grade six students had a nutrition tour at Colemans on Humber Road with dietician Renee Martin.

Mr. Drew Nadon’s junior high and level 1 class had a lot of fun at the science challenge last week. In language arts this week they learned about handwriting analysis and analyzed each other’s writing. Did you know your handwriting can tell people about your lifestyle, personality and health?

There will be no school on Monday for the Victoria Day holiday.

Our annual science fair is May 30th in our school gym. The parent viewing is at 1:30.


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