Friday, June 13, 2014

Lion's Roar - Friday, June 13, 2014


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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion's Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, June 13, 2014.

By: Alaura Alexander, Makenzy Bishop, Keely Brothers, Anna MacKenzie, and Chenoah Park 

Mr. Ron Hancock, Nathan Anderson, Douglas Mackenzie, Caroline Bruce-Robertson, Sara Ismail and Mrs. Angel McCarthy displaying their certificate and prizes for the National Geoscience and Engineering Month Bridge Building Competition. Nathan and Douglas received third place in the region for their Popsicle stick bridge, while Caroline and Sara received the second place prize.
Sam Blackwood showing off the butterfly that landed on his hand during the butterfly release on Monday.

Students Claire Brake, Brooklynn Colbourne, Kira McCarthy and Myles Young from Ms. Park's grade 2 class with the chick incubator from the Department of Agriculture. The students are anxiously awaiting the hatching of the baby chicks.


On Monday, Mme Ryan’s grade one French Immersion students released their butterflies. They set 30 butterflies free in our outdoor classroom. The whole school came to watch. Some of the butterflies were still in the area on Tuesday enjoying the milkweed that was planted for them.

We are happy to report that our school raised $950 for the Janeway telethon this year. Thank you to everyone who supported the different fundraisers.

Mrs. Hodder, Mrs. George and Mrs. Foley’s classes visited Rideout’s Farm in Cormack on Monday as part of their Little Green Thumbs program. The students were very excited to learn all about the farm and get to visit with many of the animals.

Many of our grade two students celebrated the sacrament of First Holy Communion this past Sunday at All Hallows. They would like to thank Mrs. George and Father Terry for the beautiful service and family gathering afterwards.  As well, several students in grade 3 received their sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time on Monday evening.

This week the grade 1 and 2 boys’ basketball team has started practicing and working on a variety of basketball skills. 

The junior high exams begin today with the language arts exam.

Our school has been very busy this week preparing for our annual musical. This year we are doing a musical revue of the favourite songs from our past musicals. The show will be on Monday night at 7 pm in our school gym.

We are still accepting registrations for junior kindergarten and our full day kindergarten and English and French Immersion for September 2014. In addition, we are offering a grade 7 late French Immersion program in September. Please call the school for more information.

Stars Of The Week
We would like to congratulate Madison Noel who was the elementary winner in the ACAP art contest about invasive species in our oceans. Madison was presented with a new bike and a helmet. Runner up in the contest was Gina Spencer. In the primary category runners’ up were Clare Coleman and Caleb Rashleigh. Congratulations to everyone!

Rachel Griffin was the provincial winner in the World’s Ocean Day contest sponsored by the Department of Fishers and Aquaculture.
We would like to congratulate the winners of the Janeway Baskets. The winner of the reading and relaxation basket was Alex King, winner of the movie night basket was Keegan White, winner of the pets, pets, pets basket was Reegan Curtis, winner of the sweet tooth basket was Sadie MacDonnell, winner of the kitchen and gourmet basket was Renah Flynn, winner of the fun and games basket was Cameron Peddle, and winner of the crafty goodness basket was Owen Kelly. To celebrate the wonderful effort of our students there was also a draw for a free ice cream party for the class. The winner was Grace Brake Higgins in Ms. Parsons class.
Class News

The junior kindergarten classes have been busy writing all about their dads. The students brought in pictures of them and their dad to post on the wall. They are planning a special Father’s Day surprise for Sunday.
Mme. Brake’s Kindergarten French Immersion class had a great time watching he butterfly release on Monday. They made popsicles on Tuesday to further explore freezing and melting in science. They celebrated three classroom birthdays this week - Sam, Kaitlin and Kyah.

Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class had a great trip to Rideout’s farm as part of their little green thumbs project. They got to see many of the animals and learn about the dairy farm. They had a lot of fun. They are busy this week getting ready for our school musical next week.

Ms. Parsons’s Kindergarten English class is doing lot of activities for Father’s Day. They are also learning about the environment and how important composting is for our soil. They would like to wish a happy sixth birthday to Jacob Saunter who celebrated on Sunday.

Mme. Ryan’s grade one French Immersion class is was both sad and excited to release their butterflies on Monday. They really enjoyed watching them transform. They are creating beautiful sea creatures with tissue paper to celebrate World Ocean Day. They are looking forward to finishing their Father’s Day surprise today.

Mrs. George’s grade one English class had a fantastic time at Rideout’s Farm on Monday. The best part was seeing a one day old calf and some three week old kittens. They are working hard on their Father’s Day surprises. They would like to wish all their dad’s a great day on Sunday!

Ms. Park’s grade two class is learning about 3-D shapes in math. They are also making shapely critters in art. The student of the week is Myles! They would like to congratulate Abigail Woodford, Coen Mackey, Cole Boyd-Martyn, Gavin Staples, Gordon Staples, Jenna Cammie, Jorja Perrett, Keira Clarke, Kira McCarthy, Maxwell Antle, Sadie MacDonnell and Will Brothers on celebrating their First Holy Communion on Sunday!

Mme. LaChance’s grade two and three French Immersion class were very busy this week. The grade two students made surprises for their dads. The grade three students were very busy writing their math CRT exams this week. They all did their very best. They would like to congratulate Natalie Parsons on her First Holy Communion on Sunday!

Mrs. Foley’s grade three and four class really enjoyed see the calf barn at Rideout’s farm in Cormac. The grade 3’s had their math CRTs this week. Everyone did an awesome job. The students are looking forward to the end of school year activities. They would like to congratulate Jacob Bursey, Clare Coleman, Heather Cooper, Aria Kazerouni,  and Colin Spencer on their first reconciliation on Monday evening.

Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class are looking forward to the end of the school year. They are finishing up their units in each subject. The grade 5 students finished their book “Ticket to Curlew”. They really enjoyed learning about the early settlers in Alberta. The grade 6 students wrote their grade 6 math CRTs this week. .

Mr. Drew Nadon’s junior high and level 1 class are organizing the year end sports day for the whole school. They have also been busy painting scenes for the musical.

Our school musical will be performed this Monday evening in the school gym at 7 pm. The show will feature songs from past musicals the school has performed.

School will close for summer vacation on Wednesday, June 25th at noon. There will be a morning Mass at All Hallows followed by a school closing assembly and report card distribution.
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