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Lion's Roar - Friday, November 27, 2015

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The Student Leadership Council hosted a “Moustaches for Movember” fundraiser on Monday. Students wore mustaches and donated one dollar for men’s cancer.

This is a copy of IHMS's weekly new article Lion's Roar that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, November 27, 2015.

By: Isaac Buckingham, Alessandra LeBlanc, Emily Payne, Aaron White

Isaac Buckingham presenting his speech at the YMCA Peace Week Speak Off. 
Natalie Parsons, Reyd Ward, Cole Boyd-Martyn, and Craig Bishop with Mr. Tom Yetman during the "Learn Not to Burn" session.

Grade three student, Katherine Noel, working on her artwork for the class project "Leaves of Fall". The students presented their poetry and artwork at the Corner Brook public library on Wednesday evening. 


The grade one English and French Immersion classes are happy to announce that they filled 119 boxes for Operation Christmas Child with the help from all the wonderful IHMS families. Thank you for your generous donations!

On Wednesday, our grade three students presented their artwork and poetry “Leaves of Fall” at a public reading at the Corner Brook Public Library. The students learned about tree identification and types of leaves in science. Next, they went on a field trip to Margret Bowater Park where the children, lead by artist Jane Reagh, used water colour pencils and square crayons to make leaf and bark drawings. To incorporate language arts into the project, the students wrote poems about fall trees.  These activities culminated in the creation of a book of autumn art and poetry. This project was funded by ArtsSmarts NL as part of a larger school project called “Experiencing the Ecosystem”.

In physical education the students are going to be starting a mini unit on hockey. Mr. Ryley is happy to report that plans are underway for our rock climbing wall in the gym!

The grade kindergarten to grade four students participated in “Learn Not to Burn” sessions on Wednesday with retired Firefighter, Mr. Tom Yetman, a fire safety education officer on Wednesday.

The Apple A Day fundraiser is underway. Don’t foget to buy your tickers! The proceeds of the ticket sales are in aid of our music program. Tickets are now on sale for $20 each. The five days of draws will begin in January 11 and conclude on January 15th. Prizes include: a 16GB IPod touch, a 16GB IPod touch and $25 ITunes card, a 16GB  IPad mini 2, a 32 GB IPad Air and Apple TV, and an 11inch MacBook Air 2.

Our school hosted the first “Chase the Ace” fundraiser on Sunday evening. We would like to thank the band, Second Wind, for providing the entertainment. This week’s winner of $250 was Mr. Greg Barnes. He pulled the ten of clubs. Our “Chase the Ace” runs every Sunday night from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Congratulations to Mme. Corinne Brett and her husband, Brian, who welcomed their son, Finley Orson Brett, on November 7.

Congratulations to Isaac Buckingham who presented his speech at the annual YMCA Peace Week Speak Off last Thursday night.
Congratulations to Isaac Buckingham who is attending an Elite Junior Ski Camp in British Columbia beginning this weekend and continuing into next week.

The junior kindergarten classes are really enjoying learning Christmas songs in music class. Next week they are starting Christmas crafts. The children are getting very excited!

Mme. Foley’s Kindergarten French Immersion class really enjoyed the Learn not to Burn session on Wednesday. The students are busy learning the French song for the Christmas Concert.

Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class is excited to announce that some of their seeds from their Little Green Thumbs garden have begun to sprout. They have started a new unit on exploring numbers in math.  

Mme. Ryan’s grade one French Immersion class is busy learning their French selections for the Christmas concert this week. They are starting subtraction and having fun playing math games. In art they made snowy houses, even though wintery weather is not here yet. In science, they are learning about their sense of touch and how it helps them in their daily lives.

Mrs. George’s grade one English class is writing addition stories in math and learning about needs and wants in social studies. The star of the week is Liam Gaulton.

Ms. Park’s grade two class has started a new chapter in math this week. The students are learning to add and subtract up to 18. In language arts, they are having fun practicing their spelling on the school’s Ipads.

Mme. O’Dell’s grade two French Immersion class has been busy learning math facts to 18. They have been writing their own “Bertrand” stories based on Norma Bridwell’s Clifford books.

Mme. Moss’ grade three, four and five French Immersion class is learning about soil in science. They are learning about bullying this week and different ways we can help stop bullying.

Ms. Horner’s grade three and four class planted their “Little Green Thumbs” garden this week. They are excited to watch their veggies grow. The grade four students would like to congratulate the grade three students on their poetry and art show at the Corner Brook Public Library on Wednesday night.

Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class participated in the classroom spelling bee for the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Wednesday. The grade five students are writing Christmas stories to read to the younger students. The grade six students are attending the Intermediate Skills Challenge this weekend as part of the First Lego League Robotics team. Good luck!
Mr. Drew Nadon’s junior high to level two class is in St. John’s today! The students are doing a workshop at the MUN Biology lab, taking a tour of the Basilica and going rock climbing at Axtion. Tomorrow is the Intermediate Skills Challenge at the College of the North Atlantic.

School is closed on Monday for grades kindergarten to Level two for teacher professional development. Our junior kindergarten program will operate as scheduled.

Our annual Christmas concert is on the 10th of December at 7:00 pm. The theme this year is “The Bells of Christmas”.