Friday, January 22, 2016

Lion's Roar - Friday, January 22, 2016

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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly new article Lion's Roar that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, January 22, 2016.

By: Isaac Buckingham, Marcus Gallant, Colin Spencer, Carly Johannesen

Students Rotém Philips Grobelaar and Remy Power showing the projects they made in the after school sewing club.
Mr. Pat Gambin dancing with Ella Rashleigh during a lesson in square dancing. Also pictured are Alister MacDonnell and Grace Brake-Higgins.

Last Friday our students were treated to a special concert by the Atlantic String Quartet in our school gym. The violinist and cello players were wonderful. At the end students had the opportunity to ask questions about the group.

On the weekend our grade six girls’ basketball team played in the Tiny Titans Tournament. Thank you to the girls and coaches, Ms. Bishop and Mme. Moss. Players of the game for our school included Clare Coleman and Trinity Rouse.

Dr. Mark Smallwood visited the grade seven to level two class last Friday afternoon to discuss medicine as a career option.

Dr. Jose Lam, chess expert, visited our school chess club on Tuesday to prepare students for the upcoming Regional Chess Tournament on January 31.

We would like to thank the Rotary Club for their donation to our school Breakfast Program.

Our Apple-A-Day Fundraiser has now concluded. We would like to thank everyone for their support. Our fundraiser raised $22,000!

Congratulations to winners in the Knights of Columbus “Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest”. For ages 5-7 in first place Ella Rashleigh, in second place Israela Ngania, and in third place Kaitlyn Coade. For ages 8-10 in first place Gabriel Rowsell, in second place Trinity Rouse, and in third place Rebecca Janes. For ages 11-14 in first place Madison Noel, in second place Ryan Miller, and in third place Rebekah Calbert.

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to Ella Rashleigh and Trinity Rouse who cut their hair this week to donate to cancer patients.

Congratulations to Noah Colbourne, Luke Coleman, Alister MacDonnell, and Noah Evans who participated in a hockey tournament in Corner Brook this past weekend.

Congratulations to Ella Rashleigh who participated in a hockey tournament in Stephenville this past weekend.

Congratulations to Caleb Rashleigh who participated in an Atom C Tournament in Rocky Harbour. His team received a silver medal.

Congratulations to Natalie Parsons who was featured in the Western Star sports section as a member of the Corner Brook Rapids Swim Team.

Class News

The junior kindergarten classes are learning about polar bears and the letter “E”. They are enjoying getting outside to play in the snow.

Mme. Foley’s Kindergarten French Immersion class celebrated beach day on Wednesday. They are enjoying playing in the snow and describe their feelings in French. They are getting very interested in weather like “true Newfoundlanders”.

Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class is working on the letter “O” and studying ocean animals and habitats in science.

Mme. Ryan’s grade one French Immersion class and Mme. O’Dells’ grade two French Immersion class are finishing up their math units on addition and subtraction. They are studying the five senses and learning about maps and directions. In art they made pastel snowmen.

Mrs. George’s grade one English class is learning about how materials are used in science class. They are really enjoying their measurement unit in math. With Hala’s wonderful Gift of Hope, the class made a food donation of $125 to an underprivileged school. The star of the week is Meteghan!

Ms. Park’s grade two class is having lots of fun building windmills and solar panels for the KIC conserving energy contest. They are learning about technology and different ways we use it.

Mme. Moss’ grade three, four and five French Immersion class had a great time at Bow Me Down trails on Tuesday. The class is practicing their multiplication times tables. The grade four students are reading a book about a Korean kite festival.

Ms. Crockers’s grade three and four class had a busy week. The grade three students are working on the six times in math. In social studies they are discovering the difference between laws and rules. The grade four students had their first cross country ski lesson at Blow Me Down Trails on Tuesday. They really enjoyed being outside and learning to ski.

Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class has been having lots of fun wrestling in gym class this week. The grade five students are writing radio commercials for the Corner Brook Winter Carnival and the grade six students are finishing off their fairy tale news stories.

Mr. Drew Nadon’s junior high to level two class begin their exams today. They have been busy preparing for midterms this week.  They are preparing to say goodbye to the Brazilian exchange students who will be leaving next weekend.

Coming Up

Family Literacy Day is postponed. A new date will be announced.