Friday, June 17, 2016

Lion's Roar - Friday, June 17, 2016

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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly new article Lion's Roar that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, June 17, 2016.

By: Clare Coleman and Aria Kazerouni

Knight Keith Kean with Trinity Rouse, and Ella Rashleigh with Knight Pat Gambin are presented their provincial prizes in the Knights of Columbus Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest. Ella Rashleigh won the provincial Knights of Columbus Keep Christ In Christmas Poster Contest for age 5-7 and Trinity Rouse won the age 8-10 group.
Colin Spencer (left) and Aria Kazerouni (right) view the artwork of Terry Boland at the "Six: Six Artists, Six Walls" exhibit at the Arts and Culture Centre during a class visit. 
Students at their first Holy Communion (back L-R): Cole Lyver, Luke Coleman, and
James Lao; (Front L-R): Oscar George, Kaitlyn Coade, and Alister MacDonnell

On Sunday, grade two students, Kaitlyn Coade, Luke Coleman, Oscar George, James Lao, Cole Lyver, and Alister MacDonnell, celebrated their First Holy Communion at All Hallows Parish. The students and their families enjoyed a celebration social in the school cafeteria following Mass. We would like to thank Father Terry, Mrs. George and the students’ families for making this day so special.

On Monday evening students, Jacob Blackwood, Carter Bromley, Jemma Butler, Noah Evans, Emily Hindy, Leah Lainey, Charlotte Mercier, Isabelle Mercier, Kate Murphy, Katherine Noel, and Gabriel Rowsell, received their first sacrament of Reconciliation. We would like to thank Father Terry, Mrs. George, Mrs. English, Mrs. Dicks, Mrs. King and the students’ families who assisted with this special occasion.

The grade seven to Level two students celebrated the end of the school year with a field trip to Mrs. King’s cabin in Bonne Bay Pond. They would like to thank Mrs. King, Mr. King for hosting the class and  Mr. Drew Nadon and Mr. Hancock for joining them on the trip. They would also like to thank Mrs. Barb Anderson and Mrs. Eleanor Reynolds for driving students on the field trip.

The kindergarten English and Kindergarten French Immersion students celebrated their graduation ceremony on Wednesday night. The students performed for their families before receiving their diplomas and watching a slideshow of photos from the past year. We would like to thank Mrs. Hodder, Mme. Foley and Mr. Graham for preparing the students for this event.

The grade five students completed their artwork this week with Jane Reagh. This was the last session for the group to meet for the Art Smarts project “Experiencing Our Eco-systems”. The project involved three smaller programs for grades three, four, and five throughout the year. We would like to thank Mrs. Reagh for bringing her enthusiasm and talent to our school art program this year.

This past week in physical education we had two guests instructors present to the students. Mr. Wayne Allen taught an introduction to golf. Later in the week Mr. Sean Richardson taught our students self defence with a focus on Muay Thai. The students really enjoyed both sessions. 

Today we are hosting our annual Art Show in the school gym from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Parents and family members are invited to come view some of the amazing artwork students have created this year.

We would like to wish Clare Coleman good luck in the Track Fest Meet in St. John’s this week. Clare is participating in the 60 m, 600 m and long jump categories.

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to Robert Morrissey who received a medal in Tae Kwon Do for showing respect.

Class News

The junior kindergarten classes are looking forward to showcasing their artwork today at the annual art show. The students would like to wish all their dads a happy Father’s Day on Sunday. They cannot believe the school year is coming to an end!

Mme. Foley’s Kindergarten French Immersion class has successfully finished their first year of French Immersion. It has been a great year. On Thursday evening they had their Kindergarten graduation with their family and friends.

Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class was very excited to celebrate their Kindergarten graduation on Thursday evening. They really enjoyed the performances and celebrating with a special cake. They would like to say congratulations to all their classmates on a great year. The students also enjoyed a year end class bowling trip!

Mrs. George’s grade one English class has been writing about their dads’ and making Father’s Day crafts. They had a great time on their field trip yesterday. They would like to wish all the dads out there a super Happy Father’s Day.

Mme. Ryan’s grade one and two French Immersion class has been working on Father’s Day items. On Wednesday they had a French picnic with different cheeses, fruit and baguettes! It was a lot of fun. The students also planted pumpkin seeds to take home and cultivate for the fall.

Ms. Park’s grade two class are making totem poles in social studies class. Today they are making pizza and looking forward to the art show at lunch time.

Mme. Moss’ grade three, four and five French Immersion class are finishing off their end of year work. The grade three students are finishing a project on how to train their dragon and the grade four students are finishing their French novel study. The grade five students enjoyed a field trip to see the art show “Six Artists, Six Walls” at the Arts and Culture Centre.

Ms. Crocker’s grade three and four class is learning about static electricity in science. The grade three students are working on a role play in language arts. The grade four students are finishing the writing of their summer bucket list. The students are very excited for the art show today.

Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class was very busy this week finishing art projects and writing activities. The grade five students finished their paintings this week and will showcase them in the art show today.  The grade five and six students wrote artist statements to accompany their artwork in today’s art show.  On Wednesday they visited the art show “Six Artists, Six Walls” to see the exhibit and examine the artist statements. As a final activity, students chose a piece of artwork and commented on the artist’s use of technique.

Mr. Drew Nadon’s junior high to level two class finished their final exams today. The group went on a field trip on Tuesday to Mrs. King’s cabin in Bonne Bay Pond. Today they are saying goodbye to their exchange student friends with a class celebration in the afternoon.

Coming Up

Our IHMS Elementary Spelling Bee is on Monday morning at 9 am and our year end Sports Day will begin at 11 am.

This Tuesday there will be a pancake breakfast in our school cafeteria beginning at 7:30 am. The Student Leadership Council will host the last variety show for the year beginning at 1:00 pm in our school gym.

Wednesday is the last day of school for the 2015-2016 school year. There will be a family mass at 8:30 am at All Hallows followed by the year end assembly at 9:30 am. Classes will be dismissed from homeroom at noon.

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