Thursday, April 13, 2017

Grade 5/6 News Article - April 5th 2017

Lion’s Roar

By:  Marcus Gallant, Carly Johannesen, Kira McCarthy and Reyd Ward

Congratulations to our school choir and chamber choir who performed last week at the Rotary Music Festival.  Our Chamber Choir was also chosen to sing in “The Stars of the Festival” on Tuesday night. We would like to thank Caelin Randell-Scott who accompanied the Chamber Choir on the French horn. Our school band received a $50 scholarship and our Chamber Choir received a $150 scholarship and has been invited to participate in the Provincial Festival. 

Auditions for our school musical “The Trials of Alice in Wonderland” took place last week. The official cast has been chosen and the rehearsals will be starting soon. 

The grade five to Level 3 students took part in the Shriner’s Cardboard Box race at Marble Mountain on Saturday. Thomas Randell and his mom also participated, along with Mark Janes and his dad, Candace and Carly Johannesen, as well as Max Pittman and his cousin. A great time was had by all. Anna MacKenzie and Madison Noel placed first in the junior high category and Rebekah Calbert and Arista White placed first in the senior high category.

The grade seven to Level 3 students will perform this evening in Deer Lake at Xavier Junior High. Their production “Complaint Department and Lemonade” will be on at 6:00 pm as part of the Regional Drama Festival. 

The Chess Club held a party on Tuesday during their weekly meeting to celebrate the group’s success at the Provincial Chess Tournament this year. 

The grade five girls’ basketball team will participate in a tournament hosted by Humber Elementary this weekend. We wish the girls the best of luck!

Students, Allie Lovell, Lysea Ngania, and Noor Altaee,  present some of their projects from the afterschool sewing club.

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to our students who participated in the Rotary Music Festival this past week. 

 Congratulations to Simon Boitsefski who received third place in Class 652 RCM Piano Level 3 not over 13-Romatic & Modern, second place in Class 239 Musical Theatre / Movie Musical – 11 and under, third place in Class 650 RCM Piano Level 4 Not over 13- Baroque, first place in Class 651 RCM Piano Level 3, Not over 13 – Classical; and second place in Class 359 Boys’ Solo- 11 and under; to Clare Coleman who received first place in Class 508 Piano Concert Group – 11 and under, third place in Class 209 Concert Group, Any Voice – 11 and under, and first place in Class 239 Musical Theatre / Movie Musical – 11 and under, second place in Class 649 RCM Piano Level 4 Not over 14 – Romantic and Modern; and first place in Class 347 Girls’ Solo – 11 and under- Competitive; to Alister MacDonnell who received first place in both Class 1010 Snare Drum Solo “C” and Class 1005 Percussion Solo “C”- Complete Drum Set; to Israela Ngania who received second place in Class 659 RCM Piano Level 1 not over 10- Romantic, Modern & Inventions; and to Lily Smallwood who received first place in Class 664 Preparatory (A) not over 8, and first place in Class 353 Girls’ Solo- 8 and under, and first place in Class 242 Musical Theatre/ Movie Musical – 8 and under.

Congratulations to Simon Boitsefski who received a $100 scholarship for voice and piano, Alister MacDonnell who received a $50 scholarship for percussion, an Lily Smallwood who received a $50 scholarship for Junior Piano and $100 for Musical Theatre (junior).

Congratulations to Violet Stark and family on the birth of their baby brother, Elijah.

Congratulations to Isaiah Coleman and family on the birth of his baby sister, Cruz.

Congratulations to Mark Janes who created a beautiful poster that will be hung in our school chapel. 

Congratulations to Ella Rashleigh whose hockey team participated in the Avalon Celtics Hockey Tournament this past weekend in St. John’s. 

Congratulations to Lydia Rashleigh’s Timbit Team who was recently awarded a medal at a tournament in Corner Brook. 

Class News

The junior kindergarten classes are learning about the true meaning of Easter and doing Easter crafts. 

Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class is learning about safety at home in health and learning about beavers in science. 

Mme. Baugé’s Kindergarten French Immersion class is celebrating the International Children’s Book Day with a “book show and tell”. Everyone is sharing their favourite stories with their classmates. 

Mrs. George’s grade one English class is learning about the real meaning of Easter in religion class. They are learning about the different attributes of objects in math class. They are also making life-size penguins today and finishing up their research on their favourite kinds. 

Mme. Ryan’s grade one French Immersion class has been working on a book about spring. They had to use their spring vocabulary to complete it. They have also begun talking about Easter and why they celebrate Easter. They are really excited about Easter and are glad to have lots of Easter themed activities to complete. 

Ms. Kane’s grade two English class is starting to learn about their teeth and how important they are to our health. They are learning how to take care of our teeth, the job of the dentist, and why they lose their baby teeth. They are excited about this because a lot of students have been losing their teeth. 

Mme. Howlett’s grade two French Immersion class is reviewing math facts and using water theme pages. They have be revisiting their understanding of French articles and adjectives using their Easter vocabulary and reading and writing Easter stories. They are learning about air in science and making pinwheels. 

Mme. Moss’ grade three, four, five and six French Immersion class is excited to be taking part in the musical this year. The grade three and four students are learning to identify and conjugate irregular verbs in the present tense and are nearly finished their data management unit. The grade five and six students are learning to identify and conjugate verbs in the present tense, and are preparing to finish their data management unit in math with a final project.  

Candance Johannesen, Katherine Noel and Israela Ngania experiment with sound during a grade four science lesson.

Mrs. Bishop’s grade three class has started their new unit on geometry. They are learning about the different polygons and their numbers of sides. They have also started portrait drawings in art class. 

Mrs. Passmoor’s grade four class is continuing with their novel study of The BFG. They are preparing for the class speak off and the heritage Fair. They have started a unit on sound in science class and decimals in math. 

Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class was excited to see the junior and senior high dress rehearsal of “Complaint Department and Lemonade” on Wednesday afternoon. The students really enjoyed planning, building, and racing their cardboard boxes last week. Students are presenting their speeches today for the upcoming elementary speak off. 

Mr. Drew Nadon’s junior high to level three class are performing their production at Xavier Junior High this evening. The students have worked very hard to prepare for their show. 

Rebekah Calbert and Arista White pose for a photo during the Shriner's Cardboard Box race last weekend at Marble Mountain.

Coming Up

The elementary speak off for selected grade 4-6 students will be held in our school cafeteria on Monday, April 10 at 7:00 pm.