Friday, April 20, 2018

Grade 5/6 New's Article - Lion's Roar (20/4/18)

By:  Maitham Al-Zubaidy, Destinee Lawrence, Keira Clarke, Isabelle Mercier, Leah Lainey and Jacob Cull
Our school celebrated National Talk With Our Kids About Money Day on Wednesday with classroom activities around balancing budgets, credit VS debit discussions, and talking about money values. The grade six class organized a school wide Talk With Our Kids About Money Expo on Thursday with stations in the gym for classes to take part in activities about money.
Mr. Adam Kennedy presented a session on Search and Rescue for the grade five and six students last Friday afternoon.
Our grades 5-7 students took part in a Junior Achievement program with Mr. Kevin Young last week.  
Our School greenhouse is coming to life! Our classes have been busy planting and preparing for another season on growing.
IHMS is hosting the Grade Five Boys’ Soccer Tournament this weekend. The first game is Friday at 3 pm.
The Junior High and Senior High students are performing their drama production in Springdale on Saturday. The first performance for the group is 2 pm at Indian River High School.
Our students in kindergarten to grade six submitted their Kids In Charge (K-I-C) energy project submissions this week.
We are still collecting plastic bags for the Grab Bag Challenge. This will conclude on April 26th. The Recycle My Cell Campaign will conclude on April 30th.
Apple A Day Tickets are now on sale! Tickets are $20 each. There are five days of prize draws and each ticket is entered in all five draws. Prizes include: an apple TV, apple watch, an iphone 8, an ipad, and a 13inch Macbook air. There are also prizes for the seller of each winning ticket, and there will be an ipad draw for students selling more than 20 tickets. For every 20 tickets sold, the student will have his or her name entered in the draw. The draws begin on May 7th.
Stars of the Week
Congratulations to Carter Bromley who was awarded the Atom Hockey Player of the Year Award at their year end banquet.
Congratulations to Brooke Watton who cut off her hair last week to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society.
Congratulations to Keira Clarke and Max Pittman who performed with the Jorgën Ballet on Wednesday night in their performance of Anastasia.
Congratulations to Daley Merrigan and Graham Zilkowsky who competed in the NL Provincial Ski Races in St. Anthony. Daley was first place in the 5 km classic and first place in the 5 km free technique. He was also the second fastest overall across all age groups.
Class News
The junior kindergarten classes are exploring their five senses and doing fun activities. They are enjoying the outdoor play space.
Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class is learning about money. They really enjoyed the money expo on Thursday. They had a lot of fun in the greenhouse this week with Ms. Galliott.
Mrs. George’s grade one English class is really enjoying their research unit on penguins. They are learning about symbols, legends, and directions on maps in social studies. Rhylan is the star of the week!
Mme. Ryan’s grade one and two French Immersion class has been having a lot of fun exploring measurement. The grade two students are estimating and finding measurements of various objects using non-standard units of measurement. The grade one students are exploring mass by comparing and weighing items in the classroom.
Ms. Cunning’s grade two English class is very excited about their new unit on matter in science class. They really enjoyed the money expo and love counting coins using skip counting in math.
Mme. Moss’ grade three, four, five and six French Immersion class is learning about balancing budgets as part of the Talk With Our Kids About Money initiative. They are excited to start their fundraiser for their aquaponics project.
Mrs. Bishop’s grade three class has created their own class museum to display artifacts from the past to compare them to their modern day equivalent.
Ms. Guy’s grade four class is working hard on their heritage fair projects. They are finishing their fraction and decimal unit in math.
Mr. Ryley’s grade five class enjoyed their presentation with Mr. Kennedy last week on Search and Rescue. They have been busy all week preparing for the Heritage Fair.
Mrs. McCarthy’s grade six class is preparing for the Heritage Fair. The class was really excited to host the Talk with Our Kids About Money Day Expo in our school gym on Thursday.
Mr. Drew Nadon’s grade seven and eight class is putting the finishing touches on their drama production for this weekend. The group will present their play in Springdale on Saturday. The grade seven and eight students are working on a NHL probability unit in math.
Mr. Hancock’s grade nine to level three class is continuing their construction of the Remote Operated Vehicles and beginning to develop their company profile. The Biology 2201 students had a test this week on the respiratory system.
Coming Up
Our school Heritage Fair is Wednesday, April 25.
Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten Orientation Sessions is on Thursday, April 26th at 7:00 pm in our school cafeteria.
 Carly Johannesen, Christian Mouland, Aaron White and Mohamed Al-Zubaidy work out a engineering problem during an activity for the Let's Talk Science Challenge. 
Jayson Griffin and Jesse Hickey work on constructing the Remote Operated Vehicle they will use in the Mate ROV Underwater Robotics Competition in St. John's at the beginning of May.
 Students in Mrs. George's grade one class enjoyed an afternoon working in the school greenhouse. Pictured here is Fabian Ryan (left) with Grayson Roberts (right) planting seeds with the help of Ms. Jessica Galliott.