Thursday, May 31, 2018

Grade 5/6 New's Article - Lion's Roar (25/4/18)

By:  Maitham Al-Zubaidy, Destinee Lawrence, Keira Clarke, Isabelle Mercier, Leah Lainey and Jacob Cull
The Student Leadership Council completed the Cash for Cups Campaign this week for the City of Corner Brook. We would like to thank our school families for their support. We collected over 4,500 cups this year!
On Thursday evening we held our annual Junior High Speak Off. Representatives from the Junior High class included: Fatima Alkhalil, Myles Calbert, Max Chrappa, Carly Johannesen, Christian Mouland, Kori Noel, Max Pittman, and Jack Richardson. Our judges for the evening included: Mrs. Sandee Harnum, Ms. Linda Chaisson, and Mr. Lenny Benoit.  The overall winner was Fatima Alkhalil who spoke on bullying.
Next week is school spirit week hosted by the Student Leadership Council. We will celebrate Character Monday, Wacky Wednesday, Decades Thursday, and Formal Friday.
The school photographer will visit on Tuesday to complete the group photos for the yearbook.
Our school is preparing for an upcoming grade six ultimate Frisbee tournament.
Stars of the Week
Congratulations to Daley Merrigan who placed fifth for Level I students at the National Chess Championships last weekend in St. John’s.
Class News
The junior kindergarten classes are preparing for the school musical and learning new songs. They are  enjoying the outdoors and their greenhouse sessions.
Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class enjoyed visiting grade one this week during the orientation sessions. They learned about fire flies in science this week.
Mrs. George’s grade one English class has started a new writing project called wonderful me. They are also learning about Mi’kmaq in social studies.
Mme. Ryan’s grade one and two French Immersion class is enjoying spending time in the greenhouse. The sunflowers they planted in the classroom are growing very tall and will soon be ready for transplanting. The class aquaponics system is beginning to sprout and the fish are growing larger.
Ms. Cunning’s grade two English class is enjoying their greenhouse sessions. They are watching their sunflowers grow in their classroom. They love spring!
Mme. Moss’ grade three, four, five and six French Immersion class is excited to see lots of sprouts growing in their aquaponics system. They are enjoying their compost experiment as well.
Mrs. Bishop’s grade three class is excited to announce their caterpillars arrived last week. They are eagerly watching them as they start their first stage of development.
Ms. Guy’s grade four class has nearly 30 tomato plants growing! It won’t be long and they will find out which plants have spent some time in space.
Mr. Ryley’s grade five class is busy preparing for the upcoming science fair. They are beginning their last science unit on weather.
Mrs. McCarthy’s grade six class is excited to be finished their novel study on Holes. They are looking forward to the school science fair. In art they are working on paintings that feature the sun.
Mr. Drew Nadon’s grade seven and eight class is working on the upcoming science fair. They are finishing off their probability unit with carnival games.
Mr. Hancock’s grade nine to level three class is beginning to focus on review and the upcoming final exams. The grade nine students are learning about transformations in math. The Chemistry 2202 students are beginning organic chemistry.
Coming Up
First reconciliation is May 28th at 6:00 pm.
First Holy Communion is June 3rd.
School Science Fair on June 4th.
Agriculture Spring Fling is June 5th.
Kindergarten Graduation is June 7th and High School Graduation is June 8th.
The IHMS School Musical Brundibar on June 13th and 14th.
Members of the Student Leadership Council, Kate Murphy (left), Rosemary Owolabi (centre), and Rebecca Janes (right), sort and count cups for the city Campaign "Cash for Cups". The school collected nearly 5,000 coffee cups for recycling
Fatima Alkhalil was the overall winner in the annual Junior High Speak Off on Thursday evening. Judges for the event included (L-R): Mr. Lenny Benoit, Ms. Linda Chaisson, and Mrs. Sandee Harnum.