Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Grade 5/6 New's Article - Lion's Roar (8/2/19)

By: James Lao, Destinee Lawrence, Brooke Watton, Leah Lainey, Oscar George, and Aaron Payne
Grade four students are continuing their cross country skiing program at Blow Me Down.
The Student Leadership Council is having a pre-sale of carnations for Valentine’s Day. Students can pre-order the flowers for $3. The flowers will be delivered on February 14th.
Today we are hosting a group of grade five and six students from St. Pierre. They will have lunch with our grade five and six students and then share in cultural activities. Our students are eagerly looking forward to this exchange.
Girls’ Basketball team is participating in the Western Regional Provincials this weekend at St. Peter’s Academy. The first game is today against Eastside Elementary.  
Stars of the Week
Congratulations to our grade 2 and 3 French Immersion students on their display of compassion and leadership in organizing a school food drive to help our community.
Class News
The junior kindergarten classes are learning about Valentine’s Day and acts of kindness.
Ms. Cornick’s Kindergarten class is learning about the number seven in math and the sight word “come”. They are wishing their teacher a speedy recovery.
Mrs. George’s grade one English class is comparing surface areas in math class. They are learning about our natural resources in social studies and writing what love means to them in language arts. The star of the week is Owen.
Mme. Ryan’s grade two and three French Immersion class has initiated a project to help the food bank. Last week they thought about what they could do to help our community after the Food Bank fire. They made posters and are promoting for every family to bring in food for a special donation. They will be certainly leaders in their community with their forward thinking.
Ms. Bursey’s grade two English class is learning about nouns and verbs this week. They are finishing matter in science and technology in social studies.
Mme. King’s grade four, five and six French Immersion class had a lot of fun this week doing their first “math bee”. The grade four and five students began their multiplication unit and the grade six students had a quiz on order of operations. In French, they have been busy preparing for their visit luncheon on Friday and the afternoon cultural activities with the students from St. Pierre. They were excited to celebrate Israela’s birthday this week.
Ms. Williams’ grade three class read a story called “The Time Capsule”. They began a writing project on what items they would include in their own time capsules and why each item is important to include. In French, they are learning vocabulary relating to birthdays through different fun activities and games.
Mrs. Hink’s grade four class had their third cross country skiing lessons. They have started their final assignment on light in science. They are enjoying learning about multiplication in math.
Mr. Ryley’s grade five class is learning about medieval times. They are continuing their STEM project in science and are enjoying reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.
Mrs. McCarthy’s grade six class is reading a new book called “Bridge to Terabithia”. In science they are learning about electricity.
Mr. Drew Nadon’s grade seven and eight class is working on a unit on fractions. In social studies they are continuing their simulation on WW1. Students are excited to start their popsicle stick model bridges in Enrichment. They would like to welcome Faith and Jennifer O’Neil to their homeroom this week.
Mr. Hancock’s grade nine to level three class is happy to be finished with their midterm exams. Science 1206 students have begun their Physics unit. Math 2201 students are learning about applying quadratic functions.
Coming Up
February 14th is Valentine’s Day.
February 15th will be the 100th day of school! We will celebrate with a special theme day.
 Students in Mme. Ryan's French Immersion math class, (L-R): Adam Thomas, Sophie Tucker, and Lysea Nijnang, use non-standard units of measurement to measure the circumference of a basketball. 
Grade seven students, Isabelle Mercier (right) and Kira McCarthy (left) are busy constructing Popsicle stick bridges for the National Geosciences and Engineering Month contest coming up in March.