Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Been A Very Busy Week!

This is a copy of the Grade 5 news article "Lion’s Roar" that appeared in The Western Star on January 22, 2010

By: Abigail Companion, Aaron Hancock, Nicole Keeping and Jenna Yetman

Grade 2 students, Bridgett Sparkes and Clara Ryan, view a sketch by Grade 6 student Sarah Keeping

The talent show was a success. The junior high class raised $314 towards their trip to Mount Pearl. The students would like to thank all the guest performers, students and staff. The show featured the talents of Miss Yvette Coleman, Miss Haley Kawja, Mr. Edmund Walsh, Miss Marlee Vermooten, Mrs. Alison McHugh, Mr. Brian McHugh, and Mr. Gary Graham. We all had lots of fun.

We had a recycling blitz last week and we raised over $350. It is going towards our automated library. Thank you to the Student Leadership Council, Mrs. King, Mr. King, Mr. Sparkes, Mrs. McCarthy and the other students who volunteered to make the blitz a success.

On Monday fourth year nursing students Janet Sweetapple and Trudy Kearney came and gave a presentation on smoking for grade 4–6 students. This week is non-smoking week.

On Tuesday, January 19th Ms. Stephanie O’Brien, West Coast Coordinator for the Kids Eat Smart Program visited our school breakfast program.

The new chess club had their first meeting this week with many students from grade 2–9 taking part.

Basketball intramurals began this week for grade 3–6. As well, a girls basketball team started on Wednesday for grades 4–6.

On Wednesday we had a crazy hair theme day. Students and staff donated money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

On Thursday Brian Hancock from Newfoundland Power gave students in grade 5 and 6 a presentation on electrical safety called “Hazard Hamlet”.

Class News
The Junior Kindergarten classes are busy playing with the shovels and buckets that have been donated to their class by several students' parents. They are practicing the letter “f” and the number “4”.

The Kindergarten class is learning about the five senses in health class and about baptism in religion.

The Grade 1 class is talking about the environment and learning about contractions in language.

The Grade 2 class is writing and talking about fun things they like to do in winter. They are also learning about plurals.

The Grade 3 and 4 class is excited about beginning a new unit in math. They are also busy writing about why the triangle is terrific.

The Grade 5 and 6 class enjoyed their art show on Tuesday. They had a lot of fun preparing a play called “Is There Life on Other Planets?” for the talent show.

The Junior High class is studying for exams. Last week Mr. Brian McHugh visited their class to talk about the history of Corner Brook.

There will be a parent meeting on Sunday, January 24th at 7:00 pm in the school cafeteria regarding the grade 4–9 trip to St. Pierre.