Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Talent Show Acts Warming Up!

This is a copy of the Grade 5 news article "Lion’s Roar" that appeared in The Western Star on January 15, 2010

By: Abigail Companion, Aaron Hancock, Nicole Keeping and Jenna Yetman

Lots of students are practicing their talents for our Talent Show on Sunday. There are 10 acts already signed up. The junior high class is hosting the Talent Show.

New years resolutions are popping up all over the school. Classes have been posting their resolutions up outside their class.

Students are busy making “Valentines for Vets”. These valentine cards will be sent to war veterans. Students are also working on poster and stamp design contests. Good luck everyone and have fun!

Two of our teachers attended math workshops this week. On Tuesday Ms. Park attended a math workshop for grade 2. On Wednesday Mr. Hancock attended a workshop for grade 5 math.

Students are organizing a chess club. There is a sign-up sheet posted next to the chapel. Any student who is interested in chess club can sign up.

We would like to say thanks to Mr. Kennedy this week who is hard at work on our new school offices downstairs.

Class News
The Junior Kindergarten classes are working on opposites and learning about the number 3.

The Kindergarten class is continuing to learn adding in math and learning the sounds of the letters they learned.

The Grade 1 class is learning about area in math.

The Grade 2 class is getting ready for Valentines Day.

The Grade 3 and 4 class is planting a special bean with a message on it.

The Grade 5 and 6 class is getting ready for the Talent Show, creating planets with paper mache and preparing for an art showing on Tuesday.

The Junior High class is organizing the Talent Show for Sunday night. They are also doing practice challenges with their robot, Zipit. They are happy to report their all time high score of 215 points with no penalties. They begin midterm exams today.

The Student Leadership Council recyclable blitz is ending tomorrow. Recyclables and bottles can be dropped off on Saturday from 11-2 pm. Money from the recycling blitz will be donated to our school library.

The school Talent Show is Sunday, January 17th at 7:00 pm. All family and friends are invited to come and see our talented students. Admission to the show is $3 and all proceeds are in aid of the trip to the Lego Robotics Skills Challenge.

The mini-reporters will be back next week with more fascinating news.