Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Olympic Week @ IHMS!

This is a copy of the Grade 5 news article "Lion’s Roar" that appeared in The Western Star on February 19, 2010

By: Abigail Companion, Aaron Hancock, Nicole Keeping and Jenna Yetman

Grade 2 class with local athlete, Matthew Young, after our Olympic pep rally last Friday afternoon.

Go Canada! IHMS had an Olympic pep rally last Friday afternoon on February 12. We cheered on team Canada with Matthew Young a local athlete. He came to help us support Canada in the Olympics. Thank you to Alex Williams, Katerina Hamann and Maria Reynolds who shared a poem they wrote to cheer on Canada.

The after school program craft group has painted a new mural in our cafeteria window. The window is painted with the Olympic rings, symbols of Olympics and the words “Go! Team Canada!”

Last weekend the girl’s basketball team took part in an invitational basketball tournament hosted by St. Gerards. Lots of teachers, students and family members were there to support them. Thank you to Ms. Dutton for coaching the team.

This week our school received 25 new computers donated by Suncor. We would like to thank Mr. Jamie Dolomount for transporting these computers from the east coast for us. We have already started using these computers in our classrooms. Thank you!

Our Valentine’s Day chocolate sale raised over $80 for our school library. Thank you to the Student Leadership Council and many other volunteers for organizing this sale.

This week was teacher appreciation week. All of our teachers felt very appreciated from the students, parents and board members. They enjoyed their treats this week.

On Tuesday we had a school pancake breakfast. It was delicious. Thank you to the Student Leadership Council for serving the pancakes! Also thank you to Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. McCarthy who cooked almost 200 pancakes!

Also on Tuesday members of the local Rotary club visited our school to talk about the importance of reading and to read books to all of our classes. They donated $350 dollars worth of books to our school. Thank you very much to the Rotary club and to the readers who came in to share the books with us.

On Wednesday our whole school attended a special mass officiated by Father Tim Moriarty for Ash Wednesday. It is now the season of lent. Many students are giving up something for lent. Unfortunately, Mrs. King says we can’t give up school for lent! So we decided on things like chocolate, ice cream and popcorn.

Yesterday was our Olympic theme day. Students dressed up as athletes and in the afternoon we played games and built a snow sculpture outside.

Today is our grade 4-6 school spelling bee. The top two spellers from each grade will go to the Corner Brook Winter Carnival Spelling Bee next week. The Winter Carnival Spelling Bee is hosted by our school on Thursday, February 25.

Class News
The Junior Kindergarten classes are working on the letter “H” and the number “6”. Last week Kyra Hodder donated nine inches of her hair to the Cancer Association. Mrs. Paula Butt read books to the Junior Kindergarten classes on Tuesday as part of the Rotary Read Along.

The Kindergarten class is doing subtraction in Math and learning about Mass in religion. Mr. Darrell Squires read books to the Kindergarten class on Tuesday as part of the Rotary Read Along.

The Grade 1 class had a guest speaker from the Department of Forestry. Michelle Hamlyn spoke to the students about conservation and the importance of the forestry as a resource. Mrs. Terri Antle read books to the grade One class on Tuesday as part of the Rotary Read Along.

The Grade 2 class is keeping track of the Olympics and graphing all the medals in math class. Mr. Mike Fleming read books to the grade Two class on Tuesday as part of the Rotary Read Along.

The Grade 3 and 4 class is excited about the Spelling Bee today. Mrs. Frieda Faour read books to the grade three and four class on Tuesday as part of the Rotary Read Along.

The Grade 5 and 6 class is practicing for the Spelling Bee today. They would like to thank Mrs. Du Toit, Mrs. King and Mrs. McCarthy for driving them to visit the Corner Brook Public library last Thursday. Also, thank you to Mrs. Sandra Batstone for giving them a tour and helping with their research on the solar system. Mr. Peter Antle read books to the grade five and six class on Tuesday as part of the Rotary Read Along.

The Junior High class is starting to build model bridges with popsicle sticks and paper glue. They enjoyed planning the Olympic sports activities and instructing the younger children at their stations. Mr. Gary Kean read books to the junior high class on Tuesday as part of the Rotary Read Along.

Our 101 Dalmatians musical has arrived. Mr. Graham will be doing auditions very soon.

Professional Development day is on Monday, February 22. There will be no school for students.