Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Article Is No April Fools Day Joke!

This is a copy of the Grade 5 news article "Lion’s Roar" that appeared in The Western Star
on April 1, 2010

By: Abigail Companion, Aaron Hancock, Nicole Keeping and Jenna Yetman

Grade 4 student Douglas MacKenzie looks at a book about animals at our Book Fair

Our girl’s basketball game was a joy. The girl’s parents and teachers had a “ball”. All participants played well.

The scholastic Book Fair started on Monday and ended on Tuesday. Thank you to Mrs. McCarthy, Mr. McCarthy, Miss Bennett, and Mrs. George and all the students on the Book Fair Student Crew. Alex Williams was the winner of the snake guessing contest and Keely Brothers won the family door prize.

The orientation for the September 2010 Junior Kindergartens and Kindergartens was Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. We were happy to see all the new little faces. They had a lot of fun at our school. All students had fun and enjoyed the day at school with their friends and teachers.

The Easter Passion was celebrated with Mrs. Coleman, the prayer group and volunteers on Thursday afternoon at All Hallows.

This week our school is saying good-bye to Miss Simone Bennett who has finished her education internship with the grade 1 class. Everyone will miss her smiling face and great ideas! Thanks for everything.

The QSP fundraiser has finished this week. Lots of magazines have been sold to help support our school.

IHMS students will be fundraising over Easter break for the Heart and Stroke foundation for a Jump Rope for Heart Skip-a-thon from April 12-16th during physical education classes.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Hancock who welcomed baby Katie last week.

Class News
The Junior Kindergarten classes are doing Easter crafts and enjoying their class party.

The Kindergarten class is learning about Easter and storms in science.

The Grade 1 class is learning about related facts in math and learning about what human and animal houses are made of. On Monday they made bird nests out of rice Krispies.

The Grade 2 class is learning about dinosaurs and fossils. They made their own fossils. They are also doing a workbook on Where the Wild Things Are and learning to count money.

The grade 3 and 4 class made stained glass crosses in art class for Easter. They are finished their CRTs, speeches, and social studies projects.

The Grade 5 and 6 class is getting a class pet. They are hoping to get a gerbil after Easter. They would like to rescue a gerbil or take in an unwanted gerbil. They had a cookie sale on Wednesday to raise money to provide for their class pet. They presented their D.A.R.E. essays this week.

The Junior High class made pancakes in Enrichment class and are preparing for class debates.

There is a Pro Life walk on Friday, April 2 in front of Western Memorial Regional Hospital at 11 am. All are welcome.

We are excited for our Easter break. School re-opens on April 12.

The IHMS Elementary Speak off is April 19. The Science Fair is April 23.

The mini-reporters will be back after break with more great news.