Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ninth Annual Speak Off

Jasmine Penney, Carla du Toit, MacKenzie Brothers, Faith Yates, Katerina Hamann, Christopher Barnes, Abigail Companion, and Aaron Hancock
Our ninth Annual Elementary Speak-Off was held on Monday, April 19, 2010 for students in grades 4, 5, and 6. Following many interesting in-class presentations, 8 students were selected to present their speeches in the Chapel, in front of a group of approximately 50 people, including two judges, their family, friends and teachers.

Since 2002, IHMS’s Elementary Speak-Off has been sponsored by Mrs. Gail Stevenson, a former teacher and former Associate Director at IHMS, and her husband Bruce. The plaque, which hangs in our main hallway, the winner’s plaque, and participants’ medals, are all donated in memory of their son, Brian Stevenson.

Jasmine Penney’s (Grade 6) speech was titled, ‘My Life At IHMS’, Abigail Companion’s (Grade 5) speech was titled, ‘Bullying’, Christopher Barnes’s (Grade 6) speech was titled, ‘Animal Abuse’, Faith Yates’s (Grade 6) speech was titled, ‘Classic Cartoon Characters’, Aaron Hancock’s (Grade 5) speech was titled, ‘Global Warming’, MacKenzie Brothers’s (Grade 4) speech was titled, ‘G is For Giraffes’, Carla du Toit’s (Grade 6) speech was titled, ‘Smoking’, Katerina Hamann’s (Grade 4) speech was titled, ‘My Best Friend’

The two invited judges for this year were Mrs. Bernadette Meiwald, former Director of Education at IHMS and Mr. Peter Antle, a member of the Corner Brook Rotary. After 8 very well delivered speeches, and a brief deliberation, the judges announced this year’s winner was Carla du Toit. Congratulations to Carla, and to all of this year’s speakers.