Thursday, June 24, 2010

The End Of An Amazing Year!

This is a copy of the Grade 5 news article "Lion’s Roar" that appeared in The Western Star on June 25, 2010.

By: Abigail Companion, Aaron Hancock, Nicole Keeping and Jenna Yetman.

Student of the Year Recipients Jasmine Penney (left) and Carla du Toit with Mrs. King.

Last weekend was the Provincial Herseys Track and Field Meet in Mount Pearl. Congratulations to Patrick Davis and Brayden Ryan who represented our school. Also thank you to Ms. Dutton who drove to St. John’s to cheer on our school.

On Monday there was a spelling bee for grades 3 to 9 students. Winners we’re buzzing about are Alexandra Williams, Maria Reynolds, Jenna Yetman, and Sarah Keeping. Congratulations to all the S-P-E-L-L-E-R-S!

Our final school breakfast was held on Tuesday morning. We enjoyed homemade French toast, and waffles. Thank you to Ms. Agnes McCarthy, Mrs. McCarthy and Mrs. King for cooking for us! Also Tuesday was sports day. It was a lot of fun. Thank you to Ms. Dutton and the junior high class who organized everything.

We had a year end mass and assembly on Wednesday morning. Both the band and choirs performed, and there was a slideshow of pictures prepared by the junior high class. Thank you to Mr. Reynolds for the beautiful program and certificates for each student.

Thank you to all the volunteers this past year. To show our appreciation there was a volunteer luncheon on Thursday.

Teachers are finished school today after two days of final clean up and paperwork. See you in September.

Jenna Yetman and Jasmine Penney are off to Washington for the People to People Leadership Conference. Congratulations and good luck.

Stars of the Week
Congratulations to Corner Brook Regional High Graduates this week especially Yvette Coleman, Haley Kawja, Brandon George, Nathan Burke-Earle and Elizabeth Murley who all graduated from grade 9 at IHMS!

At our annual awards assembly many students received awards for their hard work this year.

Coach’s Awards
Girls Under 12 Basketball - Carla du Toit
Girls Soccer - Nicola du Toit
Track and Field - Brayden Ryan and Patrick Davis.

Monsignor Boone Memorial Award(s) - Keely Brothers, MacKenzie Brothers, Katerina Hamann, Claire Reynolds, Maria Reynolds, Clara Ryan, and Bridgett Sparkes

The Bishop O’Reilly - Mark Patey

Sister Mary Matthew Byrne Award for English- Nicole Keeping

The Jim Gash Memorial Music Award- Carla du Toit

Excellence in Band Award - Patrick Davis and Andrew Dolomount

Academic Excellence for Math – Claire Reynolds

Academic Excellence for Science – Andrew Dolomount

Academic Excellence for Language Arts – Faith Yates

The Enrichment Award – Sarah Yetman

The Bernice LaVallee Memorial Award – Megan Williams

Perfect Attendance – Patrick Davis

Most Improved Student(s) – Brian MacKenzie, Brayden Ryan, and Bridgett Sparkes

Student of the Year – Carla du Toit and Jasmine Penney

Class News
The junior kindergarten classes are happy with the outcome of their birthday party for all JKs. They had lots of fun!

The kindergarten class made a spring book and had fun making them. Also they had fun making scrapbooks for the end of the year.

The grade one class enjoyed their teddy bear picnic and sports day on Tuesday. They made books for their classmates telling why they like them.

The grade two class enjoyed math games, robot making and the end of the year party.

The grade three and four class loved the spelling bee on Monday and doing class inventory.

The grade five and six class enjoyed a lunch from Subway and ice cream cake by Jasmine’s mom, Janice Penney. They also loved the spelling bee and sports day.

The junior high class is enjoyed the awards ceremony which they helped to prepare. They also enjoyed sports day and are excited because it is summer break!

We will miss all our great readers. We hope to write you next year. Mini-reporters out (peace).