Friday, January 14, 2011

Lion's Roar - Friday, January 14, 2011

This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion’s Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, January 14, 2011.

By: MacKenzie Brothers, Abigail Companion, Douglas MacKenzie, Hannah Sparkes, and Bethany Whelan.

Girl's Basketball Team pictured following a game against St. Gerrard's. Pictured in the photo are: Front L-R: MacKenzie Brothers, Alex Williams, Bethany Whelan, Olivia Park, Maria Reynolds, Nicola du Toit, Vanessa Ford. Back: Lindsay Dutton, Hannah Sparkes, Abigail Companion, Claire Reynolds, Carla du Toit, Jenna Yetman, Nicole Keeping, Sarah Keeping and Greg Taffee.

Last week the Student Leadership Council organized a recycling blitz. They raised $375 for our school library. Thank you to Mrs. McCarthy, the student council and other students and parents who helped with the recycling.

Last Friday we celebrated a special prayer service with Mrs. Coleman and the prayer group. Thank you to the special helpers Yvette Coleman, Hailey Kawja, and Phillip Cave.

Last week our computer lab received new flat screen monitors. The computer lab looks great.

A new after school program schedule will be starting soon for everyone to enjoy.

On Tuesday the public health nurses Carla Gilliam and Rebecca Noseworthy visited students from kindergarten to grade 9.

On Wednesday the girl’s basketball team played a fun game against St. Gerard’s. Great game girls! See a few of the video clips below.

IHMS's Maria Reynolds scored the first basket from the tip off

IHMS shows great team work by getting the rebound shot.

IHMS's Bethany Whelan scores another 2 points

IHMS's Abigail Companion gets the rebound and scores another 2 points

IHMS's Nicola du Toit gets the basket after a great team effort

On Wednesday night there was a parents meeting about the St. Pierre trip coming up in May.

On Thursday we had a school pajama day organized by the Student Leadership Council. Everyone looked comfortable.

Father Roche is celebrating mass with our school this morning. He will be visiting our school after to do some magic tricks.

Over Christmas break Mr. Kennedy was busy building two new kitchen sets and 3 bookshelves for several classrooms. Also this week he installed new flat screen televisions in many of our classrooms.

Before Christmas William O’Flaherty won a Christmas stocking prepared by our cafeteria lady Mrs. Agnes Neville.

Stars of the Week

Sarah Keeping competed in the Charles Gorman Speed Skating Championships in Saint John, New Brunswick last weekend. She received three ribbons and a third place bronze trophy.

This weekend Brooklynn Companion, Abigail Companion, Olivia Park, Bethany Whelan, Anna Brake and Caylie Blake will be competing in a regional figure skating competition in Stephenville.

Also, Keely Brothers will be competing in the Blizzard gymnastics Invitational Competition in St. John’s. Good luck everyone!

Class News

The Junior Kindergarten classes are doing family activities.

The Kindergarten English class is practicing the rosary with the rosary beads and starting addition in math.

The Kindergarten French Immersion class is learning les vetements d’hiver (winter clothing) and learning how to print all their letters.

The grade one class is learning how different materials can be changed to alter the appearance, texture, smell, or taste in science. In religion they’re learning about how God takes care of us and how we take care of others.

The grade two class is learning about weather in science.

The grade three and four class are still selling eco-friendly bracelets. They will be collecting recycling for their SMARTboard from February 1-4. In gym they are doing soccer baseball. They are reading green tips everyday. They have a total of $700 for their SMARTboard.

The grade five and six class really enjoyed the spelling bee they had on Wednesday. They are super spellers! They love band class and are improving with their instruments.

The junior high class are working on a school video in Enrichment class. They are preparing for their midterm exams next week.

Coming Up

There is a playground project meeting on Sunday at 7:00 pm in our school cafeteria. All families are encouraged to attend.

Junior High exams begin next Friday.

The mini-reporters are S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G! We’ll be back next week with more news.