Friday, January 21, 2011

Lion's Roar - Friday, January 21, 2011

This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion’s Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, January 21, 2011.

By: MacKenzie Brothers, Abigail Companion, Douglas MacKenzie, Hannah Sparkes, and Bethany Whelan.

Grade 5 student, Aaron Hancock doing a survey for math class with the grade 2's on pyjama day last week. (L-R): Jack Ryan, Liam Dawe, Rogan Seaward, and Sam Antle.

The grade 3 and 4 class is still selling Eco Friendly Friend Braclets for two dollars. Students are wearing them to remind them to be kind to the environment.

On Tuesday two student nurses, Rebecca Noseworthy and Ashley Bennett, did a smoking presentation with the grade 5 and 6 class for Non-Smoking Week. Hannah Sparkes won the class prize.

Table Tennis intramurals began this week.

On Wednesday the girl’s basketball team played a fun game against St. Gerard’s at our school gym. Thank you to Mr. George for refereeing the game. We had a school pep rally to get ready for the game. Thank you to the JH students for setting up the sound equipment and chairs and to Skylar Anderson and Anri Vermooten for Emceeing the rally. Great game girls!

Yesterday two nursing students, Michelle Skanes and Heather Mousseau, visited the junior high class to do a survey about an upcoming project they will create for the students.

Also, yesterday afternoon the grade one class hosted a celebration of life for their class newt, Colours, who died on Monday. Colours was two and a half years old. He will be missed.

Today exams start for the junior high class and continue next week. Good luck, everyone.

This week we welcome Mrs. Amanda Ellsworth to our school. She is working with the junior kindergarten program.

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to Keely Brothers who won a bronze medal last weekend in vault at the Blizzard Gymnastics Invitational Competition in St. John’s.

Congratulations to our skaters who won medals last weekend. Brooklynn Companion bronze, Anna Brake won bronze, Bethany Whelan won gold, and Caylie Blake won a gold medal. Abigail Companion and Olivia Park also skated very well.

Also, congratulations to Sydnee Hynes who won first place in the Ye Old Cross Country Skiing Competition.

Class News

The Junior Kindergarten classes are doing sponge painting and winter activities. They are enjoying playing outside in all the snow.

The Kindergarten English class had a great time at the pep rally on Wednesday. They are learning about families.

The Kindergarten French Immersion class is learning the names of the body parts (le corps) in French and printing the letter “o”.

The grade one class is starting a new unit in math on measurement. This week they planned a celebration of life for their newt Colours. They are discussing what kind of new pet they will get.

The grade two class is learning about penguins. They are doing a poem and a painting on penguins. They are finishing an author study about Robert Munsch. In gym they are playing tennis.

The grade three and four class is playing tennis in gym. This week they started a four week cross country skiing program at Blow Me Down Ski Club. Thank you to Mrs. Du Toit and Mrs. Sheppard for driving the students. In language they are learning to write secret messages with pictures.

The grade five and six class got another computer in their homeroom. They are writing trickster stories about Anansi the spider. They are enjoying all the snow we have gotten.

The junior high class is preparing for exams. They are making collages in religion and creating magazines in language arts. They have started practicing for the festival in band.

Coming Up

The girl’s basketball team is playing a tournament this weekend at J.J. Curling Elementary.

There will be a meeting for the Entertainment/Auction Night Fundraiser on Wednesday at 7 pm in the school cafeteria.

IHMS is having a Family Fun Day during winter carnival on February 25.