Friday, March 18, 2011

Lion's Roar - Friday, March 18, 2011

This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion’s Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, March 18, 2011.

By: Sarah Campbell, Katerina Hamann, Aaron Hancock and Nicole Keeping

Our school Moo Off in honor of Milk Spirit Week. (L-R): Avery Brothers, MacKenzie Brothers and Heather Cooper.

Our annual St. Patrick’s Day potluck dinner was a success yet again. Congratulations to the Morrissey’s who won the prize for most dressed up family. Great job! Mr. Steve Colbourne won the Door Prize, Mr.Barry Hodder won the basket and Mr. Kevin Gallant guessed the most jelly beans? Thank you to Mrs. Trudy Brothers and her parent group for organizing the event and to Miss Bennett who did the face painting.

This week we are celebrating Milk Spirit Week by doing classroom activities, milk trivia and a Moo Off on Wednesday at lunch. After the Moo Off we had milk and cookies! Yum! Our class Moo Off winners were: Jonas Payne, Liam MacArthur, Gordon Staples, Heather Cooper, Avery Brothers, Darcy Brake, Aaron Gillard, Ryan Murphy, Kaden Rodrigues, Liam Dawe, Sam Antle, Keely Brothers, Brooklynn Companion, and MacKenzie Brothers. Thank you to Jenna Yetman, Bethany Whelan and Mackenzie Brothers for emceeing.

On Tuesday we celebrated Pi Day. We had a contest to see who could memorize the most decimal places. Zubia Mahmood won first place with 54 decimal places, runners up were Alex Williams with 52 and Maria Reynolds with 51. Also, there were classroom games and each class winner won a pie! The class winners were: Arabella LeBlanc (K English), Walker Reid (K French), Ryan Murphy (grade 1), Chenoah Park (grade 2), Caylie Blake (grade 3), Alex Williams (grade 4), Hannah Sparkes and Maria Reynolds (grade 5), Abigail Companion (grade 6), Claire Reynolds and Sarah Keeping (grade 7), Anri Vermooten (grade 8), Andrew Dolomount (grade 9).

This week we had our scholastic book fair. The family event was Wednesday night and classes visited on Thursday. Sam Antle won the Family Door Prize of $25.00. His homeroom teacher, Miss Park will receive $25.00 coupon to buy books for her class. On Monday we had a book fair quiz. Five students won coupons for the book fair. Jenna Yetman, Vanessa Ford, Alex Williams, Keely Brothers, and Clara Ryan all won $5 coupons. We also had a classroom door decorating contest. All the doors looked great!

On Thursday we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. The student leadership council sold gold coins for $0.25 each. Everyone dressed in green.

Today we are celebrating Apple Day in the breakfast program and the grade 4-6 students are participating in Mini-Olympics at Marble Mountain.

Congratulations to Miss Dutton who received a $500 Wellness Grant for our school.

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to Olivia Park, Brooklynn Companion and Anna Brake who skated last weekend in the Junior Provincial Skating Competition in Corner Brook. Olivia Park won a gold medal and Brooklynn Companion and Anna Brake placed fourth in their division. Congratulations girls!

Congratulations to Carla du Toit who raced last weekend in Ben Eoin, Nova Scotia at the Jerry Giorno Cup. Carla placed 11th overall in Atlantic Canada and had the 2nd best time from the Marble Mountain team.

Congratulations to Samantha Meaney, a nursing student who is working with the JK classes, who won a silver medal at the Provincial Ladies’ Volleyball Tournament last weekend.

Class News

The junior kindergarten classes are doing St. Patrick’s Day crafts. They are also working on printing there names and they’re looking forward to the Book Fair.

The kindergarten French Immersion is learning about modes of transportation. Also they had fun decorating the door for the contest and they are doing St. Patrick’s Day crafts.

The kindergarten English class learned about healthy food and unhealthy foods. They are reading lots of books.

The grade one class is doing nutrition this month and sampling healthy foods. They are excited for their unit on penguins for science.

The grade two class is making a trap for the leprechaun. The public health nurse is coming to talk to their class. They are also starting to learn uppercase letters in handwriting.

The grade three and four class is writing essays about their favourite celebrations. They enjoyed the book fair and the grades 4’s are looking forward to the mini Olympics.

The grade five and six was busy this week working on there door decorations. They have begun a novel study on Bridge to Terabithia. They are getting a new book in science called “Putting It In Motion”.

The junior high class is getting ready for the music festival and is also doing presentations on Newfoundland musicians, authors, artists, and how they express culture. They have begun a unit on cooking in Enrichment.

Coming Up

The parent info session for JK and Kindergarten students starting in September is next Wednesday night at 7 pm in our school cafeteria.

March 26th is Earth Hour. We will be turning off the lights to save on energy and keep our planet healthy.

Registration for JK to Level 1 is open. There will be a French Immersion program in grade kindergarten and grade 1. Our JK and Kindergarten program is full day.