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Lion's Roar - Thrusday, March 5, 2012

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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion's Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Thursday, April 5, 2012.

By: Hailey Colbourne, Katerina Hamann, Keagan Sheppard, Olivia Park

Grade 2 class visit to the SPCA. (L-R): Darcy Brake and Ryan Murphy cuddle with a cat during their visit to the SPCA. Ms. Park's grade 2 class collected items over the past few weeks for the animals at the SPCA.

This week is Holy week. Our school closes for Easter Break on Thursday at 2:50 pm. There is no afterschool program.

Last Thursday night our drama group performed “The Monsters Under the Bed” at the Regional Drama Festival. It was a great show!

Last week we had a casual day in aid of the breakfast program. We raised a total of $300.00!

On Tuesday night we held our 11th annual Elementary School Speak Off. Thank you to all the students, parents and teachers who attended. It was a great night. Thank you to our judges Ms. Sherry Rumbolt and Mr. Paul Quigley. Also, special thanks to Mr. McWhriter, Mr. Hiscock, Mrs. King and Mrs. McCarthy for organizing the event.

Also on Tuesday we celebrated the Passion at All Hallows with Mrs. Coleman, the prayer group and special volunteers Caitlyn Davis and Edmund Walsh.

The grade 5/6 intern, Mr. Peter Hiscock, finished his internship at our school this week. We wish him all the best from our IHMS family.

Mrs. George’s class and Ms. Park’s class went on a nutritional tour at Colemans on Humber Road this week.

The Top Your Total Campaign is completed. Thank you to all students, families and community members who supported our contest.

This month is national Poetry month.

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to our school who received a TD Friends of the Environment Foundation grant for $1,760.00 for our IHMS Keen on Green –Greenhouse project.

Congratulations to the participants of our speak off Gina Spencer, Clara Ryan, Keely Brothers, Olivia Park, Alex Williams, Hannah Sparkes, Maria Reynolds and Douglas MacKenzie. Congratulations to Maria Reynolds who was chosen as the overall winner.

Congratulations to the hockey players who played in the Timbit Tournament in Deer Lake last weekend. Congratulations to Carter Bromley, Coen MacKay, Adam Lambswood, Mattie Azizan, Will Brothers, Liam MacArthur, Brandon Brake, Max Antle, and Ryan Lombard.

From The Classrooms
The junior kindergarten classes had a party on Thursday for Easter. They had fun doing an Easter egg hunt. They are busy getting ready for spring.

Mlle. Wight’s Kindergarten French Immersion class is doing all kinds of Easter crafts. They are very excited for their Easter party and Easter break. Happy Easter everyone!

Ms. Morrall’s Kindergarten English class had a spectacular week learning about Easter. They made stained glass eggs with balloons and had an Easter party on Wednesday. Have a safe and happy Easter everyone.

Ms. Dwyer’s Kindergarten English class is learning all about the letter “z” and are very excited for Easter break and making Easter crafts.

Mme. Perez-Diaz’s grade one French Immersion class is learning about Easter in religion. They are having fun doing Easter crafts and Easter words. In math they are doing skip counting by two’s, five’s, and ten’s.

Mrs. George’s grade one English class is learning about Easter in religion. They are learning how materials are used and they have a new class pet. Their pet is a fish named Blueberry.

Ms. Park’s grade two class is learning and writing about the symbols of Easter. They visited the SPCA to drop off items they collected for the animals. They got to see many cats and dogs and learned about the importance of the SPCA and what they do. They would like to thank all the students and families for their generous donations. Also thank you to Mrs. Sheppard and Mrs. Vandeheide for driving the students to the SPCA and to Mrs. Francis Drover for a wonderful tour.

Ms. Bennett’s grade three and four class is getting ready for Easter break. They would like to congratulate Keely, Gina and Clara for an excellent job at the Elementary Speak Off on Tuesday night. In social studies they are learning about the earth’s physical features and in French they are learning about families.

Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class is learning about angles in math and perimeter and volume. They presented their DARE essays to Constable Bursey on Wednesday morning. Their DARE graduation is on April 18th. In French they are doing a café.

Mr. Hancock’s junior high and level 1 class had a great time at the Regional Drama festival. They would like to thank Ms. Sherra Lee Robinson and her committee of teachers and students for a great weekend and for making them feel so welcome. Thank you to Mrs. Reynolds and Mr. Whelan for driving them to workshops and to Mr. David Gillard, Mr. Bruce Gillard and Mr. Al McWhriter for working on the set. Also thank you to Ms. Morrall for all her help and directors Mr. Taaffe and Mrs. McCarthy. The students all received participation certificates for performing in the festival.  The class went downhill skiing on Wednesday for Enrichment.

Coming Up

Next week is Easter Break - enjoy!