Friday, October 26, 2012

Lion's Roar - Friday, October 26, 2012

Connect With IHMS:

This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion's Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, October 26, 2012.

By: Anna MacKenzie, Gina Spencer, and Anna Brake

 Abigail Tiller and her parents, Tracy and Craig visit the bi-annual Scholastic Book Fair at I.H.M.S

With Halloween just around the corner, the students and staff of Immaculate Heart of Mary School are getting excited. This week has been a busy one with, special guests and fun activities.

This week is Foster Family Week and we would like to acknowledge all the guardians out there that give kids a safe and loving environment.

We would like to extend congratulations to our Cross Country Running Team who participated in the Fun Run at Humber Elementary.

Ms. Neary would like to thank all of the Grade 3/4 students who have been helping her so generously with the Green Team Composting. Thank you; Darcy Brake, Amna Ahmad, Charlotte Sweetapple, Ryan Murphy, Derek Attwood, Ryan Bennett, Samuel Michael, McKenna Batstone, Liam Dawe, Chenoah Park, and Megan Williams, for all of your hard work over the past month.   

We are still looking for more cell phones. Recycle My Cell Challenge will continue until November 15th.  Last year our school collected the most cell phones in the country and we would like to collect that and more this year! So if you or anyone you know has used cell phones, please pass them along to us!

This week we celebrated Reading Rocks NL week. We hosted an art contest for students from Junior Kindergarten to Level 1. Our school has been awarded a $1440.00 grant from the Raise-A-Reader Foundation for the purpose of revitalizing our Newfoundland collection, engaging students in reading books written by Newfoundlanders about our culture, history and people. Newfoundland authors have visited our school to read. We would like to thank Nellie Strowbridge for coming and reading to our Grade7-Level1 students on Monday. Today, Don Downer is presenting to our Grade 3-6 students.  

Our Enrichment students are busy preparing for the Skills Challenge. They will be participating in Lego Robotics, Prepared Speech, Wind Turbine, Job Skills Demonstration and Videography. This involves Grade6-9 students. Another new robotics table was built this week by volunteer, Mr. David Gillard. Many Thanks! This new addition is a great help as robotics was introduced to our students in Grade 3 in September.

Our Student Council is planning a scary surprise for next week!

Class News

Junior Kindergarten: The J.K’s are preparing for Halloween by creating Halloween decorations. The students would like to thank Cole Lyver’s family for donating a small refrigerator to the J.K. program. There will be firefighters visiting J.K. on Wednesday.

Ms. Dwyer’s Kindergarten class: The children are having lots of fun colouring for Halloween and listening to Halloween stories.

Mme. Perez-Diaz’s French Immersion Kindergarten class: The students in this class are preparing for Halloween by learning spooky songs and scary spelling.

Mme. Mondoux Grade One and Two French Immersion class: Everyone is learning how to write French Halloween stories!

Mrs. George’s Grade One English class: In Science the students are learning about the seasons. They are listening to stories from the Bible and learning about Halloween alliteration.

Ms. Park’s Grade Two class: The students are looking for ghosts and creating spooky spiders for their classroom.

Ms. Payne’s Grade Three and Four class:  The students are studying times tables. Math tests have been sent home to be signed this week. They are working on Halloween decorations.   

Ms. Neary’s grade Five and Six class: The Grade 5’s and 6’s are getting excited about Halloween. This week in Language Arts they have been learning about the interview process.  

Mr. Hancock’s Junior High and Level One class: They are also excited to announce they are bringing in cell phones in aid of Recycle My Cell Challenge and is encouraging everyone to do the same. They are working hard on their skills challenge project.