Friday, October 5, 2012

Lion's Roar - Friday, October 5, 2012

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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion's Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, October 5, 2012.

By: Alex Williams, Keely Brothers, Olivia Park, and Anna MacKenzie

Madison Noel dressed as a nurse during Medical Theme Day at I.H.M.S. in support of  the Western Memorial Regional Hospital Foundation Radiothon

The beginning of October has brought with it excitement and loving gestures from the students and staff of Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thanksgiving has come around again and there have been signs of Thanksgiving all over our school.

We would like to welcome our new student Corey-Leigh Seaward to our school.

The Medical Theme Day in aid of the Western Memorial Hospital Radiothon was an incredible success. Through the help of students, our school was able to raise in excess of $500.00. The following students Dayana De Lima, Gabrielli Da Silva, Matheus De Souza, Luan Marcolino Dias, Mira Ismail, Cameron Peddle, Bruce Patey, Keely Brothers, MacKenzie Brothers, Maria Reynolds and our four high school Brazilian students bought the cheque to the radio station on Friday afternoon. We would like to Mrs. Reynolds who helped drive. We would also like to thank the staff and students of I.H.M.S. for their generosity.

We would like to thank Michelle Hamlyn, and Melanie Murphy, from the department of forestry. We would like to thank them for coming to our school and holding tree planting sessions with us.

Also last week, Mrs. McHugh attended a music conference in St. John’s where she learned a lot.

On Wednesday, our Cross Country Running Team participated in the C.C. Loughlin race. Congratulations are extended to Sam Antle, Liam Dawe, Jayden Lempriere, Samuel Michael, Ryan Murphy, Bruce Patey, Clarissa Patey, Jack Ryan, Gina Spencer, Charlotte Sweetapple, Alex Williams, and Megan Williams on an excellent showing. The team would like to thank Hannah Sparkes (Junior Coach), Mr. Gillard and Ms. Payne for all of their work.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our Veggie Order fundraiser. Veggie orders were distributed this past week. We sold 715 bags of vegetables.

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and we would like to extend a special thanks to our students and staff that brought in food items during the week. Food items were collected and made into food hampers.

Today we hosted our annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner. We would like to thank Academy Canada who prepared the delicious meals as well as our parent volunteers who helped served.

Today Mr. Spencer’s Science classes are participating in the ACAP Trading Boats for Books. We hope they enjoy themselves and have lots of fun!  

Today is World Teacher’s Day. We would like to thank our teachers for the wonderful work they do not only in their classrooms but for all they do for the spirit of our school.

We would like to welcome Mrs. Shirley Porter as a volunteer to our Kids Eat Smart Breakfast Program.

We would like to congratulate Ms. Meade on here convocation from university today.

This past weekend Caylie Blake and Olivia Park competed in the Rebecca Pack Friendship Figure Skating Competition in Torbay. Congratulations are extended to both Caylie Blake who won a gold medal in the juvenile, under11 category and to Olivia Park who had a strong skate.

Next Weeks’ Special Announcements

Monday: School will be closed due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Tuesday: School will be closed for students as staff will be participating in a Professional Development Day.

Friday: Grade 5 students will be participating in the Agricultural Spelling Bee contest being held at the Pepsi Center. The contest will begin at 7:00p.m.

Class News

The Junior Kindergartens: The J.K’s this week would like to kindly thank Chase’s grandmother, Sherry Rumbolt for reading to them this past week.

Ms. Dwyer’s Kindergarten class: This week Ms. Dwyer’s Kindergarten class has been focusing on the letter H in Language Arts. They have been preparing for Thanksgiving by creating crafts and getting excited for our Thanksgiving Dinner.

Mme. Perez-Diaz’s French Immersion Kindergarten class: The French Immersion Kindergarten class has been exploring different topics. In Science they are learning about the Sun. In Mathematics they are learning numbers 1-10 in French and are taking part in various educational physical activities.

Mme. Mondoux Grade One and Two French Immersion class: The Grade One French Immersion class is happy to announce they are starting to learn how to read. The Grade Two French Immersion children are learning their Bonne Actions de Graces.

Mrs. George’s Grade One English class: The English Grade One class is writing about things they are thankful for, making turkeys in Art class, and in Science, learning about the weather. They would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.  

Ms. Park’s Grade Two class: There are many fun educational activities taking place in the Grade Two class this week. They planted flowers in science so they can learn about the life cycle of plants. They also learned about how animals survive in winter and are making bird houses. And, like other classes, writing about what they are thankful for.

Ms. Payne’s Grade Three and Four class: This week the grade three and four class had an excellent time at the Chrappa’s apple orchard this past Monday. Thank-you from the grade ¾ class for your hospitality. In Science they are exploring interactions between Earth and human nature.

Ms. Neary’s grade five and six class: In Language Arts the Grade 5/6’s are learning about different forms of poetry and writing haikus for the Canadian Library Month Poetry Contest. They are also excited to report they are getting ready to elect classroom representatives for the Student Council.

Mr. Hancock’s Junior High and Level One class: They are preparing for the quickly approaching Skills Canada. They are learning more in the area of photography from Mr. Spencer and will be having another photography session soon.