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Lion's Roar - Friday, November 22, 2013


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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion's Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, November 22, 2013.

By: Cheyenne Bursey, Max Chrappa, Jack Ryan, William Bennett, and Madison Noel

Photo of artist, Alexandra Chrappa, with students of Mme Ryan's grade 1 French Immersion class during an art activity (L-R: Hailey Park, Miriam Ahmad, Craig Bishop, Emily Hindy, and Katherine Noel).

 Photo of grade 3 students reading "how to instructions" as part of their language arts class. Students prepared cookies using Cookie Monster's famous cookie dough recipe.(L-R): Lucas Neville, Simon Boitsefski, and Jack Matthews

This week is healthy beverage week, anti-bullying week and peace week. We encourage everyone to make healthy drink choices, be kind to everyone, and make peace with each other.

The grade 6 and junior high to level 1 class had a successful weekend selling fish cakes at the Canadian Tire Gas Bar parking area. Thank you to everyone who came out to sell fish cakes or purchase them.

Last week Father Mark was here visiting our school from Halifax. He visited with us during chapel, our celebration for All Saints, Friday morning Mass and he did a presentation for the grade 6 to level 1 students. Thank you to Father Mark for his wonderful visit.

Report cards were given out on Tuesday and on Wednesday we had parent teacher night.

The grade six to level one students are travelling to the Intermediate Skills Challenge this weekend. They are taking part in TV Video production, 2-D Computer Animation, Wind Turbine Design, and will have two teams of First Lego League Robotics.
This week our ITV News reporters are Alessandra LeBlanc, Gina Spencer, Douglas MacKenzie and Jack Ryan.

Stars of The Week

Congratulations to Gina Spencer and Clara Ryan who represented our school at the 11th Annual David Elliott Memorial Speak Off on Tuesday evening. Gina Spencer was the overall winner. They were both awesome!

Congratulations to Ava Hodder who cut her hair and donated it to “Locks of Love”.

Congratulations to Tyler Dillman for earning his yellow belt and breaking board with his foot in karate.

Good luck to the grade six to level one students in the Intermediate Skills Challenge this weekend in Mount Pearl!

Class News
The junior kindergarten classes are learning about hibernation.
Mme. Brake’s Kindergarten French Immersion class would like to wish Tyler Dillman and James Hurley Happy Birthday this week. They all enjoyed dressing up as Disney characters on Monday for our Disney theme day. They have been reading about what it means to be a good friend. They are practicing being bucket fillers, not bucket dippers.
Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class is working on the letter “w” and learning Christmas songs for the variety show. They are learning number spelling in math.
Ms. Parson’s Kindergarten English class is comparing needs and wants in social studies using Christmas catalogues. They are doing number spelling in math and learning new words with the letter “w”.
Mme. Ryan’s grade one French Immersion class would like to thank local artist Alexandra Chrappa for visiting them on Friday. They look forward to future visits. They have begun their addition and subtraction unit. And will be making up addition stories. Their class is proud to say that they are learning a difficult French song for the Christmas concert.
Mrs. George’s grade one English class is preparing the materials and packing the boxes for Operation Christmas Child. They would like to thank everyone who donated!
Ms. Park’s grade two class had fun making math robots and predicting the future in social studies.
Mme. LaChance’s grade 2 and 3 French Immersion class is having a discovery week. The grade three’s are learning about invisible forces and had some fun experiments with magnets. They had a lot of fun. The grade two students are talking about how technology changed the world, especially the Confederation Bridge.
Mrs. Foley’s grade three and four class are excited for snow! They are working on research projects on famous structures and musical instruments. In math they have begun their unit on addition and subtraction.
Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class made globes in religion to describe how the world is today and how the world will be in the future. They also created slogans for the 2014 Winter Carnival slogan contest. The grade six students are very excited about the Skills Challenge. They had a lot of fun this week preparing and presenting speeches on the topic of peace. Everyone presented their speeches in the class speak off. They hope everyone did great on their report cards!
Ms. Jones’ junior high and level 1 class is looking forward to the skills challenge in Mount Pearl this weekend!

Coming Up

There will be a Gideon Bible presentation to the grade 5 students on Monday.

On Thursday we are wearing “mustaches” for Movember.  Students are encouraged to wear a mustache on Thursday and donate $1 for this cause.