Friday, March 21, 2014

Lion's Roar - Friday, March 21, 2014


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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion's Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, March 21, 2014.

By: William Bennett, Cheyenne Bursey, Max Chrappa, and Jack Ryan

 Jakson Ganz enjoying the Jello rainbow he made with his class for St. Patrick's Day.

Sarah Buckingham shows off her hairdo for Crazy Hair Day as part of our spirit week.

Some members of Mrs. Foley's class wearing their green outfits for St. Patrick's Day. Front: Isaac Buckingham, Clare Coleman, Alessandra LeBlanc, Middle: Jericho San Jose, Aria Kazerouni, Jacob Bursey, Cole Dumaresque. Back: Arabella LeBlanc, Heather Cooper, Emily Murley and Amna Ahmad.
Last weekend the Boys’ Basketball Team had a Tournament in Pasadena. They had a good performance. Thank you to their coaches Mr. Mark Hillier and Mr. Michael Quigley for coaching the team.

Also last Friday we had Pi Day celebrations in the gym and a school Moo-Off for Milk Spirit Week. We would like to send a special thank you to Mrs. Foley who organized the Pi activities, all the parents who donated the delicious pies and the students for their amazing ability to memorize the numbers of pi!

Mrs. Foley and Mme. Ryan’s classes have been chosen by the WWF to grow Milkweed plants for the Monarch butterflies. There were only 1,000 seed packages available. Our school will be a butterfly way station in the spring.

We had no school on Monday. We hope you enjoyed the long weekend! This week we are celebrating a spirit week called “March Madness!” organized by Mrs. Foley and the Student Leadership Council.  On Tuesday we had a St. Patrick’s Day theme, Wednesday was crazy hair or hat day, Thursday was make a change day where students dressed up as someone else and donated their change to charity and today is Lion’s Pride. Everyone is dressed in school colours! There was a lot of excitement this week!

This week our ITV News reporters are: Caroline Bruce-Robertson, Heather Cooper, Cameron Peddle and Bridgett Sparkes.

Stars of the Week
We would like to congratulate our top six Pi Day winners who recited the numbers of Pi: Hajra Ahmad, Gina Spencer, Clara Ryan, Colin Spencer, Ryan Murphy and Kate Murphy. Hajra recited 104 numbers of Pi!

Class winners in our Moo Off competition were JK students Iver Cook, Lilah Walsh, Katy Hancock; Kindergarten students Yazan Ismail, Alister MacDonnnell, Ben Griffin, Ella Rashleigh; grade one winners Gabe Rowsell and Katherine Noel; grade two winners Sadie MacDonnell and Brandon Brake; grade three winners Simon Boitsefski and Jacob Bursey, grade four winner Cole Dumaresque; grade 5 winner Sam Antle;  grade six winner Keely Brothers; and as pairs Kyah Goold and Natalie Caines, as well as Noah Walsh and Chase Rumbolt-Colbourne.

Congratulations to members of our boys’ basketball team on their tournament last weekend. Isaac Buckingham, Aria Kazerouni and Colin Spencer all received player of the game awards.

Congratulations to Claire Brake, McKenna Batstone, Jenna Cammie and Abigail Woodford who participated in the Provincial Junior Figure Skating Competition in Grand Falls this past weekend.  Their team, the Silver Blades Figure Skating Club won the Agnes Thistle Shield for being the top club. Cabigail won silver and Claire won bronze in the Star 3 category. Mckenna won a silver medal in the Star 2 category. Congratulations to all the members of the team.
Congratulations to all the students who received awards at our school mid-year assembly where we gave out awards for excellence in spelling, improved speller awards, perfect attendance and awards for honours and distinction in junior high. William Bruce-Robertson was awarded a green team dedication certificate; Brandon Brake, Ryan Murphy, Israela Ngania, Hala Parsons, Juan Carlos Ramirez, Maria Reynolds and Jarius Jan Jose were awarded perfect attendance certificates; Jacob Blackwood, Jakson Granz, Isabelle Mercier, and Katherine Noel all received most improved speller certificates; Noah Evans, Emily Hindy, Ava Ignor, Abigail Tiller and Natalie Parsons all received Excellence in Spelling for French Immersion;  Jasmine Batstone, Carter Bromley, Leal Lainey, Kate Murphy, Max Antle, Claire Brake, Jenna Cammie, Sadie MacDonnell, Coen MacKey, Gavin Staples, Gordon Staples, Isaac Buckingham, Alessandra LeBlanc, Heather Cooper, and Hajra Ahmad all received perfect spelling  certificates for term 1; Mira Ismail, Hajra Ahmad, Sara Ismail, Maria Reynolds and Caroline Bruce-Robertson all received certificates for honours; and Nicolas Moreno, Juan Carlos Ramirez, Alejandra Hernandez, and Douglas MaKenzie all received distinction certificates. Way to go!

Class News
The junior kindergarten classes had fun doing St. Patrick’s Day activities and other activities for spirit week.

Mme. Brake’s Kindergarten French Immersion class had so much fun during spirit week. They had some of the craziest hair you’ve ever seen on Wednesday. They almost caught a leprechaun on Tuesday, but he was too smart. He did hide some gold coins – that sneaky leprechaun!

Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class was tricked by the leprechaun who left their classroom full of footprints and escaped through their window. He did leave them a treat in the leprechaun trap. The students were very excited to take part in the spirit week activities.

Ms. Parsons’s Kindergarten English class celebrated St. Patrick’s day on Tuesday and found a pot of chocolate gold. They are learning new sight words and learning different symbols of danger in health class.

Mme. Ryan’s grade one French Immersion class was very excited to arrive in school on Tuesday. They were amazed to find that a leprechaun had been in for a visit! He made a huge mess with snap cubes, blocks and art supplies.  He made up for the big mess by leaving pretty shells in the fish tank and a leprechaun hat full of gold coins. In math class the students had lots of fun counting by regrouping.

Mrs. George’s grade one English class really enjoyed spirit week! They didn’t catch any leprechauns, but one did play tricks and left them some gold coins.

Ms. Park’s grade two class had a lot of fun doing many St. Patrick’s Day activities. Even the leprechaun came but they could not catch him. They had a lot of fun observing “mystery slime” in science.

Mme. LaChance’s grade two and three French Immersion class celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday by wearing green. In class, they painted rainbows with Jello and were writing on a pot of gold about the gold that is inside them.  They also enjoyed eating a special snack - a Jello rainbow!

Mrs. Foley’s grade three and four class really enjoyed the spirit week activities. The grade 3 students are in the middle of their multiplication unit in math and are practicing their facts to increase speed and precision.

Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class are busy preparing their band pieces for the music festival. The grade 6 class won the group prize for the Great Pencil Challenge. On Wednesday they celebrated with an ice cream sundae party and short movie. The grade 5 students are learning about the weather including different ways they can learn about the weather and new words related to the weather. Did you know “chinook” is a hot dry wind that can turn a wintery day into what feels like summer?
Mr. Drew Nadon’s junior high and level 1 class is working on memorizing their lines for the upcoming drama festival. They are also finishing their neon art projects.
On Sunday our school is hosting our annual St. Patrick’s Day pot luck and family social. All families are invited to attend! There will be prizes for the best dressed green family.

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