Friday, March 7, 2014

Lion's Roar - Friday, March 7, 2014


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This is a copy of IHMS's weekly news article "Lion's Roar" that appeared in The Western Star newspaper on Friday, March 7, 2014.

By: William Bruce-Robertson, Anna Brake, Samuel Michael, Bridgett Sparkes, and Gina Spencer

McKenna Batsone, Paige Walsh and Bridgett Sparkes wearing their anti-bullying day t-shirts. The girls' slogans were featured on the t-shirts.

James Lao performs a magic trick with Father Roche.
Benjamin Bellows-Davis with his mom during our Book Fair family night last week.


This week is Milk Spirit Week. To celebrate classes made special announcements from the media centre of milk facts, songs, and skits. Today we are having a Moo Off in the gym!

Last week Father Roche celebrated Mass with us in our chapel on Thursday and again on Friday at All Hallows. Afterwards he visited classes to show us some amazing magic tricks!

This week our school is hosting the Grade 5 Girls’ Western Provincial Basketball Tournament. It started on Tuesday with a game against Sacred Heart and will finish on Sunday. Congratulations to the girls on winning the first game.

The grade 6 prefects for Mrs. Hodder’s kindergarten class hosted a bake sale on Tuesday to purchase a fish tank and fish for the kindergarten students. Thank you to everyone who baked cookies or purchased them.

Last Friday Ms. Jenny Wadden and Mr. Brian Hancock presented to our grade 3, 4, and 6 classes on energy conservation as part of our Spotlight on Savings grant.

We attended Mass this week on Wednesday instead of Friday to celebrate Ash Wednesday. On Tuesday our school hosted a pancake breakfast for Shrove Tuesday. It was delicious! Thank you to Mrs. King, Mrs. George, Mme LaChance, Ms. Park, Mrs. McCarthy, Mme Ryan, Ms. Scott, and Ms. Victoria White, Western Coordinator for the Kids Eat Smart Breakfast Program, for helping to make pancakes and serve our students and families.

On Saturday the Junior High students will be going to the National Geoscience and Engineering Month Bridge Building Competition to test their Popsicle stick bridges. It will begin at 10 am inside the mall in front of Target.
This week our ITV News reporters are: Alessandra LeBlanc, Douglas MacKenzie, Gina Spencer and Jack Ryan.
Stars of The Week
We would like to congratulate the Junior High Girls’ basketball team who played against Stephenville Middle School in a very exciting game on Friday. Maria Reynolds was the top scorer with 21 points. She led the team in a one point win.
Congratulations to Clare Coleman who was the player of the game in the opening game of the Grade 5 Girls’ Western Provincial Basketball Tournament on Tuesday. Congratulations to Makenzy Bishop and Emma Doman who were the top scorers with 16 and 14 points
We would like to congratulate our Winter Carnival Spelling Bee participants. In grade four they were Ahmna Ahmad and Jerico San Jose – they were both amazing! Amna got first in her grade and Jerico was very close. For the grade five category Samuel Michael and William Bennett represented our school. They both did splendid. Madison Noel and William Bruce-Robertson represented our school for the grade six category- they were spectacular.  We would like to say way to go for putting so much work into the spelling bee.
Special thank you to Lily Smallwood who made a donation to the breakfast program this week on Wednesday in Chapel. Lily made robots out of cans and sold them at the Wonderful Fine Market on Saturday. 
Class News
The junior kindergarten classes are learning about good nutrition and doing activities about lions and lambs. Ms. Perrett and Ms. Simms class would like to thank Jeff Murphy of Safe Guard for doing a sanitization and purification of their classroom.

Mme. Brake’s Kindergarten French Immersion class is all decorated for St. Patrick`s Day. They are busy painting rainbows and singing leprechaun songs. They have started a new unit on objects and materials.

Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class is very excited about getting their new fish. They are learning about rules in social studies and are learning subtraction in math. They enjoyed the transplanting session last Friday for their classroom garden with Ms. Karen Kennedy from the Department of Agriculture.

Ms. Parsons’s Kindergarten English class is starting some St. Patrick`s Day activities. They are still learning addition and are starting some new activities in social studies.

Mme. Ryan’s grade one French Immersion class is learning about St. Patrick`s Day. They really enjoyed the pancake breakfast on Tuesday.

Mrs. George’s grade one English class has learned about the 17 kinds of penguins and are every excited about doing research on their favourite kind. They are learning about Lent in religion class and enjoyed eating pancakes with all their friends on pancake day. They enjoyed the transplanting session last Friday for their classroom garden with Ms. Karen Kennedy from the Department of Agriculture.

Ms. Park’s grade two class is doing research to find a recipe that involves adding or removing heat in science class. They are learning about long nouns in language arts. This week their student of the week is Cole.

Mme. LaChance’s grade two and three French Immersion class wrote a lot of negative sentences this week. Je ne suis pas un elève (I am not a student). Ce n’est pas mon école (It is not my school). Je ne suis pas joyeux (I am not happy). Ce n’était pas une bonne semaine (So it was not a great week)!

Mrs. Foley’s grade three and four class would like to congratulate Amna Ahmad and Jericho San Jose on the spelling bee. Their classroom garden is growing well. They are excited to see the fruits and vegetables of their labour. They enjoyed the transplanting session last Friday for their classroom garden with Ms. Karen Kennedy from the Department of Agriculture.

Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class enjoyed the book fair a lot! We would like to thank the people who attended the spelling bee and also say good job to grade 5 students Samuel Michael and William Bennett and grade 6 students William Bruce-Robertson and Madison Noel.  Today they are starting the Great Pencil Challenge!

Mr. Drew Nadon’s junior high and level 1 class is starting to learn about probability in math. They are preparing to create their own probability problems in class. On Saturday they will test their model bridges at the Corner Brook Plaza.

Coming Up

Report cards go home on Monday and parent teacher night will be Tuesday night from 7-8:30 pm.
School will be closed on Monday, March 17.