Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Grade 5/6 New's Article - Lion's Roar (24/5/19)

By: Lily Smallwood, CarlyRae Mouland, Carter Bromley, Jacob Cull, Erica Kennedy
On Thursday we held a banner raising ceremony for the Girls’ Grade 6 Soccer Team and the Boys’ Grade 6 Soccer Team to celebrate their gold medal wins this season.
Good luck to our students attending the Regional Heritage Fair this Saturday at Corner Brook Intermediate. We have Jack Watton, Ava Hodder, Israela Ngania, Luke Coleman, Lily Smallwood, Kate Murphy, Leah Lainey, Erica Kennedy, candace Johannesen, Brooke Watton, Gabriel Rowsell, Fatima Alkhalil, Carly Johannesen, Reyd Ward, and Rebecca Janes representing our school.
The teachers took a narrow victory with a score of 5-4 in the Student vs Teacher soccer game on Friday morning.
The students will play their parents in a game on Sunday afternoon.
Class News
The junior kindergarten classes are enjoying the new changes to their playgrounds. They are continuing to practice for their part in the spring musical. They have started some gardening inside and outside the classroom.
Ms. Cornick’s Kindergarten class is learning new sight words “won’t” and “and”. They are learning about salmon and preparing posters for the Salmon Environment Art Challenge.
Mrs. George’s grade one English class is learning about how interactions between communities changed over time in social studies. They are starting to get their experiments ready for the science fair next month.
Mme. Ryan’s grade two and three French Immersion class is researching planets, magnet STEM activities, and planting seeds in the greenhouse. They are finishing their colour wheel activity.
Ms. Bursey’s grade two English class is learning about caring for our environment and tallying data in math. The students are excited about the teacher vs students soccer game.
Mme. King’s grade four, five and six French Immersion class is looking forward to the student vs teacher soccer game. The grade five and six students are studying different types of fractions in math. The grade fours are doing word problems. All students are working on essay writing in French.
Ms. Williams’ grade three class made a “gravity defying” device in science class. In art the students used acrylic paints on canvasses to make beautiful May flowers.
Mrs. Hinks’ grade four class is busy getting ready for the upcoming science fair. The class is having sun in art class working with watercolour painting techniques.
Mr. Ryley’s grade five class is writing cause and effect reports in language arts class. They enjoyed the teacher vs student soccer game on Friday morning.
Mrs. McCarthy’s grade six class is learning about angles in math class. In language arts they are discussing problems they see that face our communities and society. They will think of ways these problems can be solved and prepare a problem and solution report to share with their classmates.
Mr. Drew Nadon’s grade seven and eight class is working on their geometry unit. In social studies they are almost finished learning about the Great Depression.
Mr. Hancock’s grade nine to level three class has begun preparing for exams. Math 3201 students are learning about sine and cosine functions. Science 1206 students are learning about global weather patterns.
Coming Up

Junior High Speak Off on June 5th at 7 pm.

Liam Gaulton during the Light and Power Energy Conservation presentation